What is the toughest scenery change to adapt to?

Going from high elevation ~7k above sea level to sea level or less than 1k elevation messes with me. Generally it's pretty dry here too, so muddy and wet can be tough.
Bermuda *is* regular grass around here. 😆
I could play it ever day for a year and probably never get used to it.

I swear our superintendents got together a few years back and agreed that "if we grow the rough to four inches we'll save tons of money and the golfers won't care". Well, they're wrong. It's still not as bad to adjust to as Bermuda, but it definitely adds a level of complexity to the game. But, on the other hand it puts the premium on doing what you should do, which is hit it in the fairway.
So I golfed in Marco Island the last couple of days and the change from dry and elevated (1000 ft) to humid and coastal really messed with my mind for a bit on the golf course. I expected the ball to go shorter but I was not expecting the very little roll I got from my normal shots. The fairways were a little moist on these resort courses so I had to recalibrate where the ball position was to insure I had good contact. I didn't light the world on fire but I started to play better in the 2nd round after I spent some time on the range trying not to fat shots and taking a little height off of the driver and 5w shots. I started to see some roll out but not a lot. It would take a couple more rounds to really adapt but I think it was a success.

It also reaffirmed that fact that my AZ handicap shouldn't travel well, this is just for me not all AZ golfers. I play a lot of wide open courses and get a lot of extra distance with rolls. I don't have super heavy rough or that many shots where I have to avoid trees or water. I take advantage of this and really need to start playing for a tighter dispersion.

So is it easier to go from sea level to elevated or vice versa?
Is it easier to go from humid to drier conditions?
If you have never played in serious wind how much does it suck to play in very windy conditions?
Are you someone that needs roll out so you like more of a baked out fairway situation.
Going from sea level & no roll to even just firmer fairways is awesome. Add elevation? Hahahaha driving distance stats go brrrrr.

FL to CA was very little transition at all. Maybe just if the course fairway was firmer than at home, or if it was tighter.

FL to NC is nice, because you get roll almost all the time. I love bonus yardage, but it does make finding the ball sometimes a little tricky because it scoots into places you didn’t see being an issue when you hit. Random fairway contour, crap. My ball is in a bush, not the fairway like when my eyes left it :(

Elevation.. hahaahha
I went from 3700 and dry conditions to 1600 and very humid, ball doesn't travel as far through the air and roll out is shorter. Now we are in a drought and getting a lot more roll out.
I don't see huge differences. So far my cap has traveled to Bandon, Florida, North Carolina, England and Michigan.
I played well in Vegas (MC 21), Bandon (with the lowest cap I ever had), and VA (Budget 23). All team events. Me solo my scores go up. I guess that means I like firm and fast conditions. In general I may over think my traveling cap but my PHX game doesn't really work well on tree lined or water lined courses. Lol
Tree-lined imo....especially coming from desert golf where the visuals and actual room allow you to get away with some errant swings. :) There is no mercy on tree-lined courses.
Turf conditions. It really affects me 50 yards and in.
Florida golf is just weird and takes some time to get used to.
This most likely. Going from fast greens to slow greens also is incredibly difficult for me.

I'm just the opposite. I play on fairly slow greens for the most part. So I tend to blow it by on fast greens. I would have to spend a few hours on the putting green just to get used to the speed. I don't play on fast greens enough to travel well either. I used to ... but, I don't travel. At least not for golf anyway, unless it's a THP Event/Experience. Also, the type of grass screws with my mind as well. Going from slow, bent greens to fast, bermuda greens with grain ... look out, my putter goes in the toilet :ROFLMAO: