Womens's Clubs! Need Guidance. Help!


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Aug 22, 2019
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My daughter has decided she wants to enter into the game of golf at the age of 17. My son has played for 3 years and has a quality bag setup. Women's clubs is an uncharted territory for me so I am looking for some input to help me get her started in clubs.

Just for reference, I am torn between buys a TopFlite set from GG for $230 or investing around $500 for a bit more quality to get her started. Anyone have some knowledge on these clubs who could share some info?

She has VERY little experience but shows some ability to strike the ball. Also, If she is truly interested we will connect her with my son's swing coach in moving forward.

I thought golf was expensive for 1!!! :oops:


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Jun 22, 2020
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If she's going to have any interest going forward and taking some lessons, I might lean toward the $500 end if you can.
I think the jump in club quality would be observable and her outcomes being successful may go up as a result.
I had some kiddie clubs when I was younger, then used mom's set for a short while as a lad, then had some fit clubs in my early pre-teens/teens, outgrew those and borrowed dad's set and choked up a ton, and finally got my first set of Pings at 21. (y)

Manageable shaft weights and lengths/flex for her. Good new grips. Used clubs are fine, so look around.
Trying to buy things in "full sets" usually means you pay a premium for not assembling your own bag of clubs, and the quality isn't always there.
Full womens sets like from Ping however I would think to be quality, but probably shoot beyond that $500 top end pretty quick.
Oh- 17 years old. Probably done growing, so these could be an investment for years to come into her adulthood. (y)

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