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Just spitballing ideas over here as I try to wrap-up my travel plans. Are you planning to work on Friday? The first flight out of Minneapolis is 5:20 AM. If I'm traveling, then I'm golfing. #golfjunkie! Thinking about traveling on Thursday night and staying near Braselton. If I do this, then I'd like to play 36 on Friday. First round at ~7:15 and second round at ~11:45. We should be off the course no later than 4:30. That gives us 90 minutes for check-in and showering before dinner.

Any interest in 36 on Friday? FWIW, the golf schedule is tight for the guys arriving in ATL around 10:00 (arrive, baggage, rental car, drive to course, golf, check-in, shower, & meet & greet).
I probably would take Friday off but I don't know about playing 36 that day before everything gets started. Chateau Elan is the only club in that area with 36 holes. Playing 18 then driving to another course if you want to see some other courses will be a little more challenging. If you are coming in on Thursday id' recommend staying somewhere in Buford instead of Braselton. You will have a lot more options there.
chris, if there is a practice round at hammock beach please throw my name in the hat. i would love to see the place
Would you be interested in a Taylormade Spider Red Tour Putter for the Bettinardi? thanks in advance.
Hammy - please check your mail, I've sent you contact details etc. for October :good:
Do we just get to try them and keep them? Are the irons included in the price?
SKLZ Mini Practice Balls plastic Don’t go over the title ‘MINI’ of SKLZ Mini plastic practice golf balls. These mini golf balls perfectly work for the batter of any ages. Its bright yellow color makes them highly visible in the ground.

These mini practice golf balls are lightweight so they will not damage anything at your home or backyard. The SKLZ mini plastic practice golf balls have been reviewed much time as durable one which can withstand multiple beating.
These mini training golf balls are perfect for your kids practicing at your backyard. However, so far, these balls have achieved an excellent reputation for its instant feedback and well mimicry of an actual golf ball flight. So you might also want to give it a try then. Pros

Mimic very well of the real golf ball flight
Gives you perfect swings
Great for backyard practice
Good for kids

Smaller in size
Dent very easily
Why SKLZ Mini Practice Balls plastic?
It’s an indisputable fact that if you are someone having an issue with the smaller size of a practice golf ball then better simply avoid this item. But if not, then you are more than welcome to give it a try at least. You are going to love it!
I have a Quick Up driving net. It sets up in 2 minutes and has a solid 8' by 8' target area. I set it up on my back deck with a large pad and instant range. Thanks for message re practice balls. I'm just not a fit.
Welcome Bro,It's ok.
Resending this because I don't see a sent message in my TAPTALK box..... Are you interested in selling your HZRDS Cobra 3w shaft or do you want to try to keep it all together with the head and other shaft? I understand it is short, but I am looking to cram it in a 5 wood. Thanks and hope your well, we still need to get together for a round. Your welcome at Pala Mesa anytime or I can come up to you at a course of your choosing....
Evahot: Tin t?c ph? n?, gia ?ình, Facebook ngôi sao, bà b?u, làm m?, làm ??p, th?i trang, gi?i tính, n?u ?n, tám chuy?n. Báo ph? n?, tin t?c 24h ch? có t?i ?ây
Sorry I don’t know much about the shaft. Let me know.
Is there any more writing anywhere that would help me identify it better? Sorry I don’t know a ton about it either.
FYI I reached out to the company with that picture to see if they could help me out too.
How much are you looking to get for it?
I tried to post something in the Titleist T100 thread & after a few edits with photos I had to make, it told me it had "flagged it as potential spam"

what gives?
The new system is a little extra sensitive to spam right now. I approved the post. We are still working to get the right spam filter in there. It's a process.
Any interest in Ping i E1 iron set? Ia have 6-UW. The 6-PW have Paderson Ballistic shafts, senior flex, but play stiffer and the UW has Paderson TS-I shaft in regular flex. I also have the matching 4 iron head. Thanks, Bob
Thanks, for the drills suggestion!
Sorry, had to respond twice to get rid of the notification lol.

I gotta say, swinging without a ball works better for me. Otherwise I get fixated on the ball flight. I try to swing slowly 50 or 60 times a day.

Liverpool goalie....LOL
Man, I just saw this. Yeah, it wouldn't be a Liverpool goalie if he didn't screw something up in a big way.
Dan - Is there a current 20% off code for Global Golf? I now am thinking of snagging those Hot Metal Pros. I will justify it as a divorce gift to myself. You know, take away the pain. Ha ha Craig

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