I am posting this thread here instead of in the hobbies folder because martial arts to me is much more than just a hobby, its a way of life. Much like with some of the people, a good many people on this forum perhaps, how golf is a way of life to them martial arts is a way of life to me. Now some people take up martial arts just as a hobby but not me. For me martial arts is my main focus in life and golf is a hobby, but that's just me.

Anyway, people train in the martial arts for all different sorts of reasons and they've got all different sorts of goals. Some people who train in a style that has rank, they might have the goal of earning rank or reaching a certain rank. Now, why would a martial arts student have that as a goal? Because the student wants to have it as a goal and because its the student's choice to have it as a goal. Now, not everybody who trains in the martial arts cares about earning rank and not everybody has that as a goal but just as there's nothing wrong with having that as a goal there is nothing wrong with having it as a goal. I would also like to point out that earning rank is not about coming into possession of a belt or putting on a belt of a certain color, it's about developing your knowledge, skill, and ability to a certain level and meeting certain standards.