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Thread: Going to Italy for two weeks in March and I would like to play a round or two while I

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    Going to Italy for two weeks in March and I would like to play a round or two while I

    My wife and I got married in September and we are just now taking our honeymoon. We are going to Italy for two weeks, starting in Rome and working our way up to Florence and Venice. Since this is my honeymoon, I had to abide by my beautiful wife’s wishes and not bring my golf clubs on this vacation!

    I told her I could live with that, but as the date is approaching (we leave two weeks from today), i’m really getting the itch to play golf while I am there. Last night I asked my wife if it would be ok with her if I found a golf course and rented a set of clubs one day while she went shopping or to the spa in exchange for me sneaking away for a half day.

    I was pleasantly surprised at her answer… She said that sounded like a great idea AND she wouldn’t care if I did that a couple of times while we are in there! She still wants me to leave my own sticks state side because she knows how I am if I have all of my gear with me....

    My question is this, has anybody gone to Italy and had any experience playing local courses? Are rental clubs available like they are here?

    Does anybody know of a booking site where I could find last-minute tee time deals, etc?

    Any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am also interested if anyone has experience with golf in Italy; my wife and I are planning two weeks in September, one week mostly on site outside of Florence for a wedding, and another traveling around the northern part of the country. Would love to find a course to play, around Florence specifically.

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    we did 10 days in italy a couple years ago, but no golf for me. as much as i love golf, i wouldn't have traded a single activity we did for a round of golf.
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