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Thread: What are the rules you use for a golf pool?

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    What are the rules you use for a golf pool?

    Hello all, I have a question concerning a basic golf pool. For every major, my dad and I will place a small wager against each other to see who can pick the best golfers. We perform a simple snake draft, and we pick 5 golfers each. We use a standard scoring system where the lowest combined total amongst your golfers over the course of the tournament wins the bet. From that standpoint, it is very simple. However, where things get confusing is when our golfers donít make the cut. Last year, we had quite a few headaches trying to figure out a system for it, and for the Masterís tournament this year, it was a bit ridiculous. I had Spieth, Fowler, McIlroy, Rahm, and a golfer who didnít make the cut. My dad chose Woods, Rose, Thomas, Day, and Johnson. Needless to say, my four golfers were fantastic for the tournament, and youíd think I would have had it in the bag, right?


    For the cut rule, we decided to take the Thursday and Friday score of the golfer who missed the cut, then take the worst score from the field for Saturday and Sunday. Due to this, I ended up with a +33 for my golfer who missed the cut, and I ended up losing by about 3 strokes. Now, Iím totally fine with taking the loss in this one because those were the cut rules we chose to go by. However, this system seems completely broken in my opinion, and Iíd like to get a solid cut rule in place before the next three majors. When I have golfers from 2nd-5th place, and I still lose because I had one guy miss the cut, that seems out of whack to me. It basically says that if you lose a golfer to the cut, the bet is pretty much over unless the opponent loses a golfer to the cut rule as well. Granted, I could be wrong, but is the cut penalty supposed to be so severe? In my mind, there should be a way to make the scoring more competitive for the last two days. Even though this happened to me, I donít want the same scenario arising for my dad; where I win if all of my golfers make the cut, and he has one guy who misses. Where is the fun in that? In my mind, one golfer missing the cut shouldnít wreck your bet, but maybe Iím in the minority here. What do you all think?

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    I agree, I think your missed cut penalty is much too harsh and a system based off prize money won or descending points awarded based up finishing position would be fairer and more relevant. I mean c'mon, your 5some absolutely dominated your fathers at The Masters? How can a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, T5th, CUT lose to T10th, T12th, T17th, T20th T32nd? I think you could just add prize money earned or something like 1st earns 25 points, 2nd>22, 3rd>20, then 19, 18, ... 1, 0 as you go down the leaderboard makes much more sense. You could even penalize missed cuts (maybe -10 points) if your dad wants to keep a premium on cut avoidance.
    ----edit to add---
    I'm to lazy to look up $$ won but a points scenario would've went
    Rickie 22, Spieth 20, Rahm 19, Rory 16.5, cut -10 = 67.5
    DJ 12.5, Rose 10, JT 5.5, Day 1.5, Tiger 0 = 29.5
    Maybe you start at 50 and go down if you all are concerned with awarding points lower down the board?
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    I agree the fairest way would to be to use finishing position. So add up the place everyone came in and the lowest score wins. So you would have 14+rank of cut player and your dad would have somewhere in the nineties.
    If you wanted to stick with total scores, I think instead of using the lowest round of the two final days use the average score of the two final days. If you wanted to stick with a penalty for having a cut player maybe even add five strokes to that score.
    Another way to do it is to instead of taking the lowest score of each day take the last place person who made the cut and use their two-day score. So instead of you getting a +33 for said golfer maybe you would have something in the mid-twenties.
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    The pool I am in takes the scores of your top 4/5 golfers and gives a score of 80 for any who missed the cut. So one missed cut and you just have to use all your remaining scores. Two missed cuts and you have to use an 80.

    THPís masters pool used total winnings for your picks, which gives far greater weighting to the winner than if you are using total strokes. Ie Reed only one by 1 stroke, but he earned $1.98MM vs Fowlerís $1.2MM.

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