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Thread: Contest: The Equipment: The All Expenses Paid Trip of Lifetime - The 2018 Grandaddy

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    No golf until June :(
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    Good luck, everyone!
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    Here it goes...

    What are you most excited about in equipment? ALL OF IT! I love to tinker and try out new gear. It is incredible how different one setup is from another. I thoroughly enjoy the process of trying it all.

    Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game? Callaway has an incredible depth in their line up in 2018. From the avid, low capper to the casual weekend warrior, Callys got us covered. There is something for everyone in their entire line up and it check every box for looks, feel, innovation, quality and flat out FUN! I enjoy long hitting, forgiving drivers and fairways, hybrids that won't go left and I can hit off a tee or out of a rough lie, forged irons with a bit of forgiveness with looks and feel, wedges with a variety of grinds, finishes and options and putters with great alignment aides, feel and wow factor. Someone....please try and tell me that Callaway doesn't have every single one of these points beyond covered. I would love to game a full setup of Callaway for these reasons and countless others.

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event? I participate in all of the major social media outlets, so you can be damn sure those will get regular updates on my experience, setup and ongoing performance results. Of course THP would be the central hub for the very regular updates.

    I would be ecstatic to join the current THP team (tequila4kapp, Bluehen2006, PhllyV, Armygolf, dacatalyst and Shanewu) and dedicate my support for the overall mission: 100 birds, 10k laughs. Oh, and to give the Zoo crew a serious run...

    Thank you for the opportunity.
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    To be fit by the very best in the industry and to
    Have the experience of a lifetime at ECPC and have our clubs built just the same as tour
    Pros and take them straight to the course to compete for #TheGrandaddy belt

    To have the array of options that Callaway does that no matter your
    Handicap they are going to help you succeed on the course and have the
    Possibility to shoot the lowest scores possible, Callaway equipment can help anyone!

    To start I would try and document the journey both in photo, video and words. But to also
    Help the forum I would try and gather as many questions from the
    People both before, during and after and then use the review threads as a Q&A so the entire forum can benefit from the once in a lifetime experience
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    If you love the game, you are a THPer.🏌️⛳

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    What are you most excited about in equipment?

    The new innovations and technology Callaway is building into their equipment is what I am most excited about.
    My golf bag is full of 7 year old clubs and it really needs a makeover. The Jailbreak technology in the woods along with the 360 face cup, urethane microspheres and the internal standing wave tech in the irons have my excito meter at full tilt.

    Why do you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game?

    As I get older (60 right now), shot distance is starting to suffer as well as some accuracy.
    I can still poke the ball out there a reasonable distance, but trying to reach out where I used to can sometimes cost me dearly in accuracy(and back pain). The technology referenced earlier that Callaway is building into their clubs will give me a good chunk of that distance and accuracy back. This would help me toward my goal of dropping my handicap from 4.8 to a 2 ghin so I can play in both a U.S. Open and Senior U.S. Open sectional qualifying tournament in 2019. (a guy can dream...right?)

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event?

    Obviously posting on THP would be my starting point, but along with that I would be using my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram accounts and maybe even open a SnapChat account as well. Sharing pictures, video and text on these communication channels will help spread the word about the great Callaway equipment as well as touting THP and the most incredible amateur golf event on the planet....The Grandaddy !
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    ***Team THP 2018***

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    I'll play!
    I'm definitely most excited for the irons and wedges portion of the bag. Partially because I love what Callaway has released in that category lately and might release in the future, and partially because I feel that's where I have the most room to improve my game via equipment. Callaway equipment fits my game because their players irons spin like tops, their wedges offer two bounces in my favorite grinds, their ball is my favorite on the market at the moment, and jailbreak in the woods really seems to offer a consistency that a player like me needs. Between Odyssey and Toulon they will have a putter to fit anybody.
    I plan on sharing my thoughts on the equipment by being active in the review threads, Instagram, and hopefully even try my hand at a video review of some sort, if there's an appetite for it.
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    What are you most excited about in equipment?

    What has me most excited about Callaway equipment in 2019 and beyond...There is no one doing a better job through the bag of offering what virtually every swing out there needs to improve their game. And on top of that, their clubs are aesthetically pleasing across the board. No one does a better job packaging the help a player needs in a club a player likes looking at better than Callaway.

    Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game?

    Experience. I've had the amazing opportunity, 4 years ago, to take a bag of Callaway clubs I'd never hit before and put them to work on an amazing course at a spectacular event against tough competition. Four years later, several of those clubs are still in the bag, because they just work. When Callaway clubs end up in my bag, it takes something pretty drastic to get them out. That's how I know Callaway equipment is perfect for me game.

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event?

    The leadup to the Morgan Cup, the event itself, and afterwards, was easily the most golf I've ever played, and the most fun I've had playing golf. Using equipment I love, working hard to improve my game, and making the THP community part of the journey was such an extraordinary experience. Arguably, sharing the experience is the best part of these events, and now as the events are shared before, after, and most importantly, during the events, there's no reason not to let it be known what a great experience Callaway offers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here on THP.
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    Great contest and good luck to all that enter.

    My entry

    I am most excited to see how far Callaway is pushing the limits with innovation and technology with the next iteration of their clubs. To date they have changed games with their R&D and I want to be one of the first to see how they are improving on what is already a fantastic lineup.

    Having played Callaway off and on since I began golfing there is a comfort level there. As a golfer on this site we all tinker and want to try out different things, but when Callaway is back in the bag the confidence kicks up a notch and that is perfect for me.

    Sharing post event event information/results will vary. I've always shared information by first being honest about my golfing abilities and how the equipment is working for me hoping that golfers of similar ability can relate. Just be 100% honest on what is working and what isn't. Allow the review to be organic and engage the community to bring back the answers to their questions.
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    Contest: The Equipment: The All Expenses Paid Trip of Lifetime - The 2018 Grandaddy

    What are you most excited about in equipment?

    Innovation and improvements on designs. We all know a good product when we see and hit it. Jailbreak and cupped face drivers for instance, have done outstanding things in terms ball speed retention and accuracy on mishits. How to improve on it though with engineering tweaks or even whole new designs, those kinds of things are fun to geek out about when youre given a chance to hear the answers directly from the people who built the product.

    Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game?

    Improvement and dedication to releasing a product when they know its better than what its replacing. I think back to the original Apex line. It took two years to release the 16 version and it was truly better than its replacement. It wasnt a rebadge or a cosmetic tweak, but something with new tech that truly made the player better. Youre not making sacrifices or compromises when you find the right club thats fit for you, and thats something I cant ignore from my bag.

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event?

    By giving as much redacted feedback on the product as one can that wont violate an embargo hehe. Constructive product feedback is critical for this event. Even if unable to hit them, one must still be around and be able to answer others questions about the products. I may not have all the answers or cant share all the details, but a question wont go unnoticed. With a team filled with people who are just as excited to be there with you, a vice captain whose just as passionate about the event as anyone you could ever meet, and a team attitude focused on making sure this event continues on for years to come and having fun doing it, the 2018 team already has the chance to be one of the best teams ever.

    Best of luck to those who enter!
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    Contest: The Equipment: The All Expenses Paid Trip of Lifetime - The 2018 Grandaddy

    I'm most excited about the prospect of an updated Apex iron line! I gamed the CF-16s for quite awhile (by my standards anyway, haha!) and they are certainly worthy of the continuous praise they receive. Seeing Harry drop little hints about the possibility of a refresh during his last random Q&A got me hyped up!

    Having gamed Callaway equipment plenty over the last few years, I'm well aware of what the gear can do for my game. I know FOR SURE that being fit for their latest equipment by the ECPC crew will potentially take my game to the next level and I welcome that opportunity so I can do my part in helping Team THP bring home the belt!

    If Im lucky enough to get selected for #TheGrandaddy, I intend to do comprehensive, honest reviews of all the equipment to ensure the THP community has more information that will help them make informed impulsive buying decisions. Cause we all know its not club hoing if you have good reasons to buy!

    #100Birdies10KLaughs.....LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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    My entry to be a member of Team THP!!!
    Equipment wise I am most excited about putters and wedges. Getting fit for these will improve my game tenfold.

    Why is Callaway equipment perfect for my game: To be honest, I don't really know, what I do know is that the fitters will see my unique swing, and when they get done laughing (on the inside of course) the will fit me for the clubs that will fit my swing and make me a better player with it. Will if be good enough to take down Mr. Finely, maybe, maybe not but we will see.

    Sharing info: There is a ton of social media outlets at my disposal, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to name several. Sharing the experience on the THP forums and answering questions from other members if a must. Posting pictures and giving honest feedback and reviews is just part of the experience.

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    What are you most excited about in equipment?
    I think I am most excited about the opportunity to get fit with people that really know what they are talking about. I have never been fit. I've hit a few balls on a launch monitor and had some guy trying to sell me a club tell me his thoughts but thats about it. This would be unlike anything I could imagine.

    Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game?
    Callaway makes some incredible equipment. It looks good and it performs well. They have something for everyone and that includes me.

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event?
    One of the easiest ways is posting reviews and talking about the equipment and the experience with other THPers. But I think it goes beyond that. There are lots of people on my home course that can hear about the incredible opportunity and maybe even be turned towards Callaway equipment. At the end of the day its the excitement and the experience that leads people to want to know more. And it is clear that this event is second to none so talking about it with everyone is not going to be hard. Talking about the unique experience with Callaway won't be hard. Just telling people or posting what happened, how it went and how it has impacted my game will get the job done.
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    When it comes to the equipment what I am most excited about is having an entire bag that is made for both my brain and my swing. I play a putter right now that I am confident in because I got to meet the man who made it and he explained what it did and how it worked. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have an even bigger experience not only for EVERY club in my bag but with a brand like Callaway and their engineers that are behind some crazy cool tech that I cannot even begin to understand completely and the marketing geniuses that translate that information for us so that I can pretend I understand.

    I think that Callaway equipment is perfect for my game because honestly, they have clubs for every kind of player. If you break down the game into 4 parts like off the tee, approach shots, short game, and putting; I am different in each category and because they offer everything they do I know that I can find a fit for each one. I also know that they will make sure it is perfect for my game even if that means taking a loss to Team THP.

    Sharing information about equipment is something I love to do. I need to get on Twitter and Instagram (I am a disgraceful excuse for a millennial!) and already am planning on doing that. I also am obsessed with the engineering side of golf clubs and unless Callaway tells me not to share something I can see myself talking non-stop about what goes into every last detail from starting idea to being in a golf bag. I want to share more about the process that most people seem to overlook when it comes to golf. People might as well know why golf is driving them crazy instead of just knowing it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JB View Post

    You must be a 2018 Albatross Club Member to enter. The club is open to anybody and helps benefit a wonderful charity. Details here.

    How to Enter
    All you have to do is post in this thread about Callaway and their equipment as it pertains to these questions. What are you most excited about in equipment? Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game? How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event? Wrap those answers up in something that fits Team THP and you could be on your way to the Grandaddy of em All.

    Good luck everybody. This contest will remain open until next week.

    What are you most excited about in equipment? I have been a Titleist Homer for years...I have never been more impressed by Callaways use of technology without showing the technology...As a lower handicapper, my eye and feel are my top allies, and the tech involved in the latest clubs caters not only to my eye, but my ear. I can see the impact in the outcome of the shots, I can also clearly hear and feel the shots that you want more of. I have been blown away by my jailbreak enabled clubs!! MY Rogue Sub Zero Driver is truly the best driver I have ever hit, and convinced me to buy a 5 Wood, both are truly just DEEP, and consistent!!! The Driver forgives my mishits and continues with the distance, but when I hit the sweet spot, I hear it, I feel it, and I see the outcome, it is an intoxicating experience that makes me do more, practice more, and play more!!! Tech with simplicity, while maintaining feel, these are off the charts Albatross producers!!!

    Why you think Callaway equipment is perfect for your game? I am a "feel" player, that loves data..These clubs allow me to feel contact like VERY few others, and they show me in the data what I thought I felt...They are INTENSELY consistent, If I hit it toe side, I see it in the shot, I feel it in the shaft, and I see it in the numbers. There is no mystery, and NO head scratching. I treasure feel more than the data, but when the data baks the feel, it is incredible, and has allowed me to share and show others what I am feeling which has been a big aha for a lot of people I play with...they also are commenting, sounded different, or WOW, that was amazing, and sounded incredible too...I share my clubs with others to try, and they have all seen, and felt the same, it is amazing!!

    How you will go about sharing information about your equipment post event? I am very active locally in golf tournaments and in Corporate events and share and show my clubs a LOT, as well, I talk a ton about the events I play in with others. I have had the pleasure of leading a significant amount of members to THP, as well as to the clubs and brands that I chose. I am very active on social media, as well as this forum, and tend to be someone that people ask for advice and suggestions, I love sharing, I love being engaged in the process with others. So my engagement is not just social media, but it is also in person, as well as in events.

    Wrap those answers up in something that fits Team THP and you could be on your way to the Grandaddy of em All. Like this event, and this forum, It is NOT about me, it is about what we are accomplishing by helping people of all levels of the game experience, enjoy and get excited about their game, and challenged to increase their joy in experiencing golf. This forum, and this event are the pinnacle of what it means to be a member of the Albatross Club, through donations to St. Jude, being a forum of learners, and sharers, we are building something incredibly special!! We are building friends through testing, Pushing, Challenging, and Encouraging each other. This forum, and this event are in tight sync with one of my life Proverbs "As iron sharpens Iron, so man sharpens another"

    The forum, the event, and the team is all about growing, building and pushing for greatness!!

    In My
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    Irons- 714 AP2 +1/2", LZ 5.5
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    As I have gotten older (wiser) I am becoming more and more concerned with less punishment on misses when playing. The long straight ones are awesome, but the occasional crooked short ones, especially into tall grass or pesky water, can kill a lot of momentum. I am really interested in what club designers are doing to make my crooked short drives a little straighter and a little longer. How are they building and designing clubs to make the best part of my game, even better? I know Callaway strives for the same thing with their woods and the Jailbreak technology. I want to see how and what that tech is evolving into and what club design revolutions the fine minds at the ECPC have in store. The way Callaway revolutionized iron construction with Cup Face has been awesome. Lots of distance but keeping the playability. That's what I want. Take big ole bites out of the course but yet be precise enough to try and work a ball into tight pins and score better. Have the huevos to take on the front hazard and go for the flag. Put more circles on my scorecard. I am not a finesse player. But I know others are. I am sure Team THP will have finesse players. Learning about how Callaway's designs will optimize their strengths, finesse and precision, will help me when talking to other golfers back home. Talking with players on the range, in the bar, or on the course is a great way to keep this event "green grass" back home in 2019. I am not shy of social media. I like to think I can take pretty pictures and make them prettier! Combine those pretty pictures with some clever word play would hopefully I can share what the new evolution of Callaways revolutionary Jailbreak and Cup Face tech can to for all golfers.
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    I'll leave this thread to all those that don't have Titleist clubs in their bag or signature. I could go into detail about why Callaway would be better for my game ... But until I get the feeling that the Callaway Zoo Crew is willing to take on the job of converting a dedicated player from another OEM, I'll refrain from entering. Not that I'm not willing to because I am. But I'll stick with entering "my Grandaddy" events.

    Good luck to all that enter! The Grandaddy is unlike any other event for sure & I'm sure there will tricks up their sleeves to make this one the best ever.
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