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Thread: Driver face resilience

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    Driver face resilience

    How many rounds of golf can I play with a driver before the club face begins to lose it's resilience and ability to properly spring back after impact?
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    Unless your swing speed is above 105 and you are just pounding the center off the face every time, I would be at least 10 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luvagoodshot View Post
    How many rounds of golf can I play with a driver before the club face begins to lose it's resilience and ability to properly spring back after impact?
    I think indefinitely.
    I've heard of driver faces caving/cracking but never heard of one "wearing out".
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    Last I knew, faces actually get hotter over time. I haven’t seen the data so I continue to buy new drivers just in case.
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    I have dug intio that question a few times and honestly there doesnt seem to be any real hard answer to it at all. I ve read everything from saying a few years if you play and practice a saying most people will never hit it with enough swing speed nor on the sweatspot enough with that swingspeed to ever wear it out.

    he are a couple of vids suggesting most anyone wouldnt ever have to worry. One from crossfield and one from callaway.

    All that being said, while reassuring as it is,... its still doesn't give a hard answer. There is no given number per say to hang our hats on and thats the part that leaves still to question it (in our minds via human nature). While failure has happened its almost always been said to have been catastrophic failure like an outright break/crack/whatever but never ruled a definite fail at wearing out its ability to send the ball as far as it did when it was new. That part seems to be left for those with swing speeds most people dont have and even then for those who do would need to be thousands of hits and those hits being sweatspot hits.

    Also as many years/decades ive been playing (like many others here) Ive seen so many people with old clubs (including drivers) they been playing for many years and also even decades.

    Again , while all thats reassuring how can we ever truly know if we lost even just some yardage through time and that the driver wear itself is the cause? Catastrophic failure aside....will the driver gradually wear shorter and shorter and through a long time slowly go from say 240 to 230 for the same player with the same strike? How would we really ever know that anyway especially if it was gradual? It deosnt seem to be something thats ever been proven to be any norm but can anyone ever really know that didnt happen? according the cllaway vid they test the clubs durability via thousands of hits at tour swingspeed. The club has durability but that doesnt mean the club was producing the very same ball speed at the end of the tests as it did in the beginning of the test even if just 1 or 2 mph. Or at least that wasnt mentioned. They do speak of tour speed for the longevity testing and the 140mph swing as something they closely examine which will eventually fail. So does the lessor swing speeds of most amateurs mean it will never wear down or is it a proportional relation to the ss and the amount of strikes?

    its interesting imo and i can see where/why as we spend alot of money on drivers we then want to know 100% just exactly when we have to concern about it not just for the money side of it but also for our golfing experience as we play and parctice.
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