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Thread: Catch All Golf Ball Testing Thread

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    Catch All Golf Ball Testing Thread

    There isn't really a single place to discuss the comparisons between golf balls and as such I wanted to share the results of a bunch of testing I did with various similar golf balls this weekend.

    I am very lucky in that my home course is pretty quiet in the afternoon and I can go out as a single and play several balls and see whats what on the actual course.

    So Saturday AM I went out and bought a dozen Project A, TP5, Cut Blue, and Bridgestone XS to go with my gamer Chrome Soft. My biggest issue with the Chrome Soft was I felt it wasn't a great performer into the wind and I didn't feel like it was the longest ball I could play (thus my testing). I didn't spend much time with the CS because I know it well but I did rotate it into the testing. I actually discarded the XS pretty quickly as I didn't like how it felt compared to the others both off driver and the irons.

    The first and most important part of the testing was for me to confirm what many have said and add to their echos. With the driver, there was literally not more than 1 yard difference between the Project A, TP5, Cut Blue, and CS with the wind at back or non-factor. Theres a very pretty driving hole (#3) on my course where I took all 4 balls and almost miraculously hit 4 very good flush drivers back to back with about a 10MPH helping wind. There was literally 2 yards between the 4 balls. While I am sure that further testing might reveal slight differences, that very small but revealing sample left me feeling I wasn't going to steal much distance off driver.

    I then happened to play 7 iron into the green with all 4 balls and had 4 pretty good strikes at the green. It's a sloping, undulating green, so not a pin hunting one. 4 hits, reasonably similar quality, closest to stick was 18 feet, furthest was 25. So again, seemed to me like they were all very similar performers. Nothing I could see materially different.

    Chipping was interesting in that the Project A was definitely softest, least rollout. TP5 was close second. CS rolled out a little more but all three were pretty similar (Project A the best). The Cut Blue, for all its conversation about spin rate, rolled out more than the others. A notable amount. I tried chips from the rough, tight lies, similar results. I didn't love the feel of the Cut either least as compared to the TP5 and Project A so I spent less time with it as time moved on.

    So now we get to the into the wind part of the conversation. It was blowing pretty good yesterday and today, about 15-20 so I do have a decent feel for this now. I hit multiple balls into the wind on several holes and confirmed pretty similar results as follows:

    The TP5 was definitely the best ball into the wind. I am not saying it was drastic, but just watching the ball flight, it held its line better than the Project A, which on less than perfect strikes wanted to baloon a little and fade right (I'm a righty).

    That being said, the TP5 was also more likely than the Project A to want to cook left if I turned it over a little too much with my approaches where the Project A held its line remarkably on similar hits. Enough where it would be a really interesting debate as to which quality I desired more between the driver and iron differences. On completely similar flushed strikes there was little to no difference between them, even in wind, though like I said I think the TP5 was probably a smidge longer into the wind.

    As a conclusion, I loved the Project A's feel and FOR ME was the winner of all the testing, especially at the lower price point than the TP5. I think it's an amazing golf ball that didn't get as much attention because of all the different brands offered. I'd recommend it to anyone playing in the Chrome Soft/SuperSoft/TP5 space.

    I'd also say that the nice thing is you can pretty much play any of them depending on preference/price/availability and you're not giving anything away from a performance standpoint. We are very lucky to have all these choices.

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