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Thread: Most Mind Blowing Custom Fit Experience?

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    Most Mind Blowing Custom Fit Experience?

    So I don't post a lot on here, but working as an assistant pro full-time...I'm on here reading what you guys are posting all the time! Love knowing I am FAR from alone in my level of golf addiction and geekiness.

    This past week, I went down to Penn Oaks for a Titleist Thursday fitting. I've been gaming S55's for around 4 years now and was about a 10 handicap when I got them. Having passed my PAT and developed my game, I was looking to progress into more of a player's iron, maybe a combo set, with a shaft I could launch a bit lower. I've had the KBS Tour V 110's and always liked the high flight I had with them, but it's becoming too high and I get a lot of balls that just tail too much on the way down.

    Ironically, Mike Parker, who is the Titleist Fitter for Penn Oaks and the Philly Section (?) is a guy I've played some men's league ice hockey with a few times, which was great because I'm always a bit anxious going into a lesson or fitting with someone new. He fit me for length & lie which were 1/2 inch short and 2* flat, 1* flatter than my pings relative to standard. I came into the fitting gaming some old 680s in my PW and 9, so right away we started talking combo set, which was great. When I was fit for my pings, I was definitely not on the same page with the fitter in terms of the type of set we thought would be best. It put my mind at ease right off the bat.

    Hitting a few balls with MB & CB and not seeing a difference between the heads, numbers almost identical. Somehow was hitting the MB slightly lower spin and same smash (1.33) carrying 170. All what i was looking for except still peaking @ 96-104 feet. So along we go through half a dozen different stiff shafts. (I am 5'7" and about 150 lbs.) and at my size I'd only jokingly thought about going X-Flex. I had commented on the feel of the S300, Project X, and another TT shaft in a 120g. So he puts me into an X100, too high still, the 120 in an X, still peaking @ 96 and then he drops the 6.5 Project X in. BAM! I hit 3 shots and turned around to Mike saying "That's the one" and then "jinx"

    So after hitting both demo heads, I definitely felt confident playing an MB down to the 7, (I was planning on transitioning to the CB at the 7 iron prior), CB 5 & 6 and going with an AP2 in the 3 & 4 irons. Honestly was amazed at how good the AP2 is compared to the 714/716 AP2. You can really see the tour influence in the looks/feel/sound...I couldn't find any major difference between the CB and as a small guy, I love that little bit of extra confidence I'll have knowing there's some stuff going on under the hood.

    Now the best part of this fitting was the wedges. I currently game an SM5 50.08 F with a KBS Stiff Hi-Rev in it. It's a really love hate club for me, and I've always blamed the archer instead of the arrow. I hit 2 balls on trackman, and then he put me in a 50.12 F grind for 2 more swings. 1200 Revs lower spin, 6* lower launch carrying 132 instead of 124. OH MY GOD. 4* of bounce?!?!? THAT is the reason for 1 groove too low spinny gap wedges I've been dropping into every bunker in Chester county for the past 3 years. It's unbelievable to think that it wasn't shaft, flex, weight, length, loft, or any of the other variables I've been in my head about lol. This was yet another eye opening experience in custom fit, and I feel like that statement should carry a bit of weight coming from someone in the industryDon't throw your money away folks!

    So rounding it out, I've gone with 54.08 KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 125 M Grind, and 50.12 F with the Project X in a 6.0, both black finish with some stamping XD.
    Trying something new and ordering the Vokey 46.10 F Grind again Project X but Chrome to match the irons. Then running the 718 MB's from 9 down to 7, CB 5 & 6, and AP2 3 & 4 all 1/2 short standard loft 2* flat Project X 6.5 with some nice midsize tour wraps (white, of course). Now to start the gofundme....

    So....What is everyone else's best fitting story? Have you ever had your socks blown off by one particular club or small tweak to loft/lie/bounce etc.
    Always love talking custom fit, I lose sleep over the millions who buy clubs off the rack and make golf harder than it's supposed to be.
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    I’ve only had one. It was with Scott Felix in the Memphis area. It was enlightening and an absolute blast. Quite educational, as well.
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    Both were thp events

    Grandaddy: fit into graphite shafts that were 30ish grams lighter than I had been playing historically... also fit into a 4 iron as I hit it better and more consistently than thr corresponding hybrid.

    ShaftUp: this event was even more mind blowing. As most fitters had put me into a heavy-ish, stiff, low torque shaft. Danny went 18 grams lighter, xstiff, and nearly double the torque. It definitely opened my eyes to stiffness and torque not necessarily having a linear relationship. I have learned so much about equipment from this site, it is unreal! Thanks for giving people hands-on opportunities to expand their knowledge, THP!
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    Mine was also TheGrandaddy. Not so much for the what I was fit into, but more so how quickly the fitter can get you dialed in.

    Im also sure that the putter fitting coming up at this coming weekends THP Odyssey experience event is going to rank at the top as far as fitting experience goes. Fit by the best in the business, going to be something to experience (and follow live on the forum).
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    During my fit at The Grandaddy I was pretty blown away when my club speed, ball speed, and launch (irons) were much higher with heavier shafts.
    I ended up going with DG120 just because I like the feel much better, but the 130s had even better numbers.
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