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Thread: Golf for you: Socially driven or competition driven?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leftshot View Post
    I think for most of us it starts out being socially driven. Let's face it, when we start out, we suck and even if we get good at this it takes a while. The exception might be the person who starts out really young and can, therefore, compete with their peers early on.

    For me, it was a group of guys from work that played after work on Mondays that invited me out. It was definitely social because a lot of the talk and laughter centered around bad shots. I've always had a competitive streak, so that definitely became a factor later.
    Good post. And on a related subject, I have observed that the "social aspect" of golf likely gets in the way of most players improving their skills, shooting lower scores etc...
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    For me it's competition driven. But not with anyone else in particular. I play because it's a challenge and I want to get better at it. I don't play to beat this guy or that guy. Competitions are fun and I do enjoy them occasionally, but I'm more about competing with myself and beating my personal bests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbaker2882 View Post
    Personal competition to try and get better. With how much I play solo, if Iím doing it for the social aspect I am doing it wrong haha
    Plus 1

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    Now it's been very more socially driven, but years ago it used to be very competition driven for me in a personal sort of way. I usually won't beat any of the regular guys I play with, so I have certain goals I want to accomplish with my own game but it's not the main focus. With life and family responsibilities taking up more of days and weekends, the golfing opportunities aren't as available as they used to be, so I use it as a great way to escape the mental grinds and just appreciate where I am and who I am playing with.

    What I have noticed though is my game has improved and I find myself playing it better when I am just happy to be out there with my friends and family!
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    Iím in sales, so most of my rounds are played with vendors/clients. That being said, the last five yrs thatís the only time I played, and I was not a big fan of it then. I had a miserable time playing golf. I did all I could to get out of it when I was invited, and I never invited anyone.

    In October I had a SLAP repair on my left shoulder, which took 3 months of PT, and it still wasnít back to normal. I found the only thing that would stretch my bicep, and shoulder muscles out comfortably was swinging a club. That being said, I started going to the driving range to torture myself 3 days a week.

    During my range trips I realized I hated my iron set. I had won a set of Calllaway Razrís five or so yrs ago I. A sales competition and thatís what I was hitting. Previously I had been playing Cleveland forged clubs, and I was a decent golfer. When I had the Clevelandís I shot in the high 70ís low 80ís. With the Callawayís I heard a hard time breaking 90.

    3 weeks ago I picked up a set of of Srixon 765ís pretty cheap, and Iím back to the low 80ís in the last three rounds. I love golf again! I have become competitive with myself, and my buddies. The only thing that sucks, is I used to get a stroke a hole, now that going to go away. Iím just gonna whoop their ass out right.

    Itís amazing how much fu the game can be if you have the right tools. Iíve always like the social aspect of the game. Iíve made a lot of money through business transactions on the golf course. Hell I got a 2 million $ po on a a score card once. But, being able to play well makes the social aspect so much more enjoyable. Itís no fun to play with a golfer who you know is good have a crap day in the golf course.

    Sorry for the long post. Hit em straight!

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    Very complex answer to a simple question. Golf is fun to me largely because of the social aspect of the game. I enjoy playing with friends/family, giving each other a hard time, having a beer or two while solving the worlds problems all while hitting a little white ball around a field. However, when I am focused on each shot I become ultra competitive with myself. I want to improve, I want to be a better player. So to answer the question, my love of the game comes from the competitive side but not necessarily with others, but with myself. I play because it is fun but I also play because it is hard and I want to challenge myself to get better.
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    Mostly the competition with myself and trying to reach a goal I will probably never reach.

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