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Thread: Trees and Bunkers in Fairways, Graphite Irons Shafts, and Other Random Musings

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    Golf is hard enough. Trees in the fairway just make it that much more difficult, lol.

    I switched to graphite after having severe elbow problems...couldn't pick up a glass of water. They have worked great. Technology has come a long way, you would probably like the AeroTech Steelfibers. I believe Kuchar and Couples play those.

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    As long as they don't put trees in the middle of small 25-30 yard fairways there really shouldn't be an issue or anything "unfair"

    I agree with cbaker that the worst is overgrown trees around forward tee boxes that screw with back boxes. Forcing a 12+ LA driver type player to hit a shot shape that half the time the hole isn't meant to be played with because a course doesn't tree trim enough is the worst. (yes I am talking to you 16 and 18 at Big Met)
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    I've played courses with trees directly in the center of the fairway and with a huge boulder in the fairway. I kinda like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smiter View Post
    Ok, even with Pebble Beach being as iconic as it is, I hate when there are trees and bunkers in the middle of the FW. Or even trees guarding the green such as the tree to the right at Pebble’s 18th. To me that shouts at tricked up golf. I don’t like that personally. If you hit a good shot it should be rewarded. I know that you need to hit a good shot to avoid that stuff. But hitting the FW shouldn’t be punished. On my day to day courses, one has a center of the fairway bunker (only comes into play into the wind but it’s ALWAYS into the wind) and one has a very tall tree that isn’t in the FW but blocks out the entire right 2/3’s of the FW for most golfers. It’s not a huge issue for me since I hit the ball extremely high, but I’m the only golfer I’ve played with that doesn’t have to worry about it too much. I can elevate over it unless I have a bad lie or get too close to it. I still hate it as it often forces me to hit a shot I don’t want to hit. I’ll have to hit a fade that starts out over water, which is a recipe for disaster.
    I can see your points and wouldn't totally disagree. But what about when things go the other way on very many holes on many the courses we all play? What about people spraying balls all over on holes that don't penalize much at all? How many pars have been made by (accidentally) hitting a tee shot to the next fairway? How about playing par5's that you can still farily easily par even after a poorer tee shot or blown second shot? How about par 4's that are drivable but also that containing little to no integrity or obstacles to deter it. How about when on enough holes (and sometimes courses) many not only suffer nothing too much for playing poorer but in fact can still shoot well and make bogeys and enough pars anyway?

    Should that be rewarded? I mean just like you mention we shouldn't be penalized for hitting fairways and making decent shots, do you complain when we are rewarded (via not being penalized) for many poorer shots we hit on many holes we play? Fwiw it works both ways. And also (although far from perfect) this is why courses have rating and slope ratings. That rating system is suppose to account for just how forgiving or extra difficult a course may be. Far from perfect but it does exist and odds are that if you were hitting good shots and still finding obstacles and difficulty then your likely on a much higher rated and higher slope rated course. And of course the opposite way around too. So your actual golf performance would idealistically be reflected properly via the rating/slope anyway. Its all relevant.
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