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My thoughts behind the names:

MattyDMPLS and Checkered = Purple Rain. <---Matty is from Minnesota, Prince is from Minnesota and he sang Purple Rain. Checkered is from Washington state where it rains a lot and he is into music, put that together you get Purple Rain

OldeDude and jim54 = Assisted Living <---- Our more senior players

Millsan1 and MoparMan = M&M. <---- Both names start with M

Magic Spell and oumagic = The Illusionists. <---- Both names have magic in them

King Veo and Sposey = Show Me the Money <---- King represents royalty and wealth, Sposey is from the Show me State, put that together you get Show Me the Money

aljaklaw and Army Golf = The Mounties <--- They are both Canadian

mancest and Wildcat4life = Bad Kitty. <--- Mancest sounds like incest, and incest is bad, and Wildcat is a cat, put that together you get Bad Kitty

Duffer Waldorf and KY Golfer = Derby Duffers. <--- KY is home of the Derby so we combined the names to get Derby Duffers

slimjim32 and tequila4kapp = Drunken Munchies. <--- slimjim is a snack, tequila gets you drunk, put them together you get Drunken Munchies

chefchris79 and KCSmitty = Cooking with Smoke. <---- KC is home of BBQ, chef has the name chef in it so they are Cooking with Smoke

baylrballa and Null Nomad = Wandering Bear. <--- The Baylor mascot is a bear, Nomad is a wanderer so they are the Wandering Bear

Jason Finley and AJ Voelpel = Salty Slice or Yo Vader TBA
OMG , That is hilarious I havenít been on for a while just getting up today. Sounds like a great bunch of guys should be a ton of fun to follow.