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Thread: Try two Live Update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by campilobaxter View Post
    @Vortex I like that shirt dude. What brand? Got some shorts that same color.
    Adidas for the shirt, shorts, and shoes.

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    Sorry I was ignoring most of the questions yesterday, and some of my responses were a little incoherent-live updating while playing is tough. I know thereís a voice to text thing but I totally forgot and I didnít have time to check typos-and itís hard to type from a moving cart, lol. Those that successfully do so, earned a lot more respect from me! Iíll try to answer most of the questions now.

    We played Shale Creek in Medina. It was not a fast round, and we played a little behind pace. We also waited some on the front and on the back some, nothing excessive, and we never had a group pushing us until a twosome on 15. I have a feeling they called the ranger out, but we had to wait on the group in front of us every shot from 12-13 or so on the back.

    We were all having such a good time that we didnít really care that it took a little longer than a normal round. Or if someone in our group did, they sure didnít act like it. It wasnít our fault, if never having to wait weíd have played in 4 hours. Not fast, not slow.

    The greens were very nice, I thought they probably ran about a 10 but my roomie said they were probably closer to a 9 but they were pretty true. I was the only one to ever have played that course and Iíd played it a whopping 1 time so there were plenty of misreads on the greens.

    I played like a complete hack from the tee. Complete and utter hack. I did hit some decent irons and played well around the green. My pardner saved us most of the round. Heís a very solid golfer, did everything very well in relation to his HC.

    Vortex played very well also, and the way we handicapped the round, I knew a couple holes into the front that we had a tough road on the front but that we should have the advantage on the back. We played from 1-2 down almost the entire match as we didnít take advantage of the best ball format on the back versus the shamble format on the front. Mainly because of me playing like a complete and utter hack from the tee. I had 6-7 penalty strokes on the day and we went into 17 2 down with only a chance to tie.

    We ended up taking the last two holes to tie and it was one of the most fun rounds Iíve ever played. I rarely play competitively so it was fun to get the competitive juices flowing. It felt like a million bucks when my pardner took 17 and then we get to 18 and I had a 6 footer for the halve. After yet another lost tee ball. Thatís the worst Iíve played ever from the tee. No pressure on the putt though. Miss it and they win. Make it and we halve, lol.

    This is getting long (imagine that, lol!) so im going to sum it up. If the rest of the group is as much fun as the 4 that Iíve already met, this is going to be one helluva a weekend.
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