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    Forward Putter Grips review

    I don't think there is a review for this grip so....

    I just got this grip installed on my putter last week. Not a lot of time but I wanted to share my experience with you as I think it is an excellent product and just what I have been looking for in a putter grip.

    Just a little bit about my putter and my putting.
    To be honest there is still a lot to be desired with my putting, but I have been putting better since I was custom fit to an Edel E-1. I had much better distance control and aim. Only problem I had was with my grip and stroke where sometimes during the stroke I would not be able to keep the putter from slightly “swaying” in my hands (the putter head moving outside of my comfortable swing arc when I gripped the putter lightly).
    This forced me to grip the putter tight, especially on longer putts and I tend to miss the middle of the face when I do this. I have always had this problem with all of my putters, regardless of the grips I have tried on my putter - Pingman grip, Edel round grip, Superstroke Slim 3.0 - and all the others I demo’d at the stores.

    Enter the Forward Putter Grip

    I read about this grip online by complete chance, but the reviewer’s description sounded like exactly what I felt I was missing. It is relatively inexpensive - in line with Superstroke prices - so I decided to take a blind plunge, and boy I am glad I did!
    It has eliminated any gap between my hand and the grip - it “falls” comfortably into my palm and stays there. I can grip as lightly as I want and the built in design automatically aligns the shaft and my forearms - this is also a key benefit of this design, and the main difference for me compared to other “jumbo” sized grips.
    I don’t have large hands, so when I tried grips larger than Slim 3.0, the size of the grips started to feel awkward, and ultimately led to straining to hold the putter in other areas of my hand - which became inconsistent, or my lead wrist would break excessively during the stroke.
    Hope the pictures illustrate what I mean by eliminating gaps and filling my hand comfortably…


    Softness is very similar to a Superstroke grip, but the texture feels tackier. Tackiness is not something I would need in a putting stroke, but does seem to aid in giving me the confidence to hold the grip lightly. No complaints.

    Performance - for me

    I feel much more comfortable holding a putter than ever before. The wrists don’t break during the putting stroke, even when I grip the club lightly and I believe this will give me more feel and touch as I use it even more. Most importantly, I strike on or close to the sweet spot of my putter more consistently regardless of the length of the putt. In short, I love this grip and finally feel I am completely set with my putter.

    Other bits and pieces

    I use the reverse overlap grip, but I found it equally comfortable with left hand low. But I am not sure if this would be a good fit if you were using other types of methods as it is a v-shaped grip.
    Here are some pictures to give you an idea of the size and shape of the grip.

    Manufacturer Specs

    • Unique shape & tapered design calms the hands
    • Minimizes tension required to hold the grip
    • Great feel and tackiness
    • Fits standard shaft sizes: .58″ and .60″
    • Standard installation with grip tape & solvent
    • Lightweight (70g +/- 3g)
    • Approved: conforms with USGA Rules
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