Fred Couples Resurgence WITB Northern Trust Open

THP the Magazine cover athlete and Champions Tour sophomore Fred Couples is once again making waves on the PGA Tour in 2011.  This week he is your 2nd round leader at the Northern Trust Open and he is doing it with quite a mixed bag of equipment. Here is a look at what Couples has in his bag for this week.

Driver – TaylorMade R9 460 8.5*
FW – Callaway FT-I 15*
Hybrids – TaylorMade Rescue 11 18*
Irons – Bridgestone J38 Dual Pocket Cavity (3-PW)
Wedges – Cleveland 588 (54* & 58*)
Putter – TaylorMade Rossa Imola 6
Ball – Bridgestone Tour B330 (08)

Two things stand out immediately. The first is that he has a very large mix of brands and types of clubs that are taking him to the top of the leaderboard. The second is the Cleveland 588 wedges in his bag are truly becoming a wedge that more and more professionals are leaning on each and every week. Between those and the new CG16 wedges, Cleveland Golf had a wedge count this week of 64 at the Northern Trust PGA Tour stop.

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  • Well done, like to see what the pros carry. I’ve got a huge mixture of clubs in my bag also. Whatever works and you feel comfortable with !

  • Guy is amazing….. Still hits it long and straight…

  • Is Fred the oldest player in field? Boom-Boom can really play. Fan favorite.

  • Fred’s too old to play on the PGA. Get him some geriatric shafts and grips and send him packing back to the Champions Tour where he won’t collapse and embarrass himself like he did at Travelers.

  • Been following Freddie as long as I can remember..he’s also great in the Bridgestone ads…

  • I can’t believe he plays that FT-i fw– one of the wackiest clubs ever made! Then again, this is a guy who played a ladies driver for years. I guess that’s part of his easy-going persona– he just goes with whatever works and trusts his swing.

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