Fujikura Shafts Enso System

Fujikura Shafts Enso System

In the Fujikura Shafts office in California they have, what they call, the ENSO system. It is a R&D and fitting tool used to give the most data possible about the shaft and player. THP TV was on hand at their office and here is the lowdown on exactly what is happening and how it helps Fujikura create and fit.

Shot in 4K, so THP recommends full screen viewing

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  • I absolutely love this kind of stuff. Such a cool system, and shows what you can do if you find an innovative way to collect the data you need.

    Really enjoyed this, great interview Dean.

  • Best fitting tool ever. This is going to be on every THPers Christmas wish list for 2017.

  • And here I thought math wasn’t important in school, who knew. Analytics – information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics…uhhh. And people think all golfers do is grip it and rip it. I did love the 3D visual presentation of a players swing, would love to get fit by one of these.

  • Great video!! Fujikura and THP are hitting subjects near and dear to our hearts!

  • Really interesting inside view. As a physics nerd I’d love to sit down with the folks doing some of the code writing for their models to learn more about those in detail. (but then they’d probably have to kill me)

  • That’s a lot going on there, it’s crazy how much detail they’re putting into shaft fittings. It’s great for the consumer though. Solid looking swing diagram there Dean!

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