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Sometimes The Hackers Paradise likes to profile a place that stands for everything we do as a golf community. Recently a few of our readers emailed and asked us to take a look at a store called Gals on and off the Green. I took one look at the website and knew I had to get in touch with them. They are located in Pittsburgh, PA so for the readers that are in that area, it is a place that must be checked out.

I had the chance to speak with Jackie, manager of the store, to really find out what they are all about.
THP: What is the history behind Gals on and off the Green?

Jackie: I always found pro shops to be very unwelcoming to woman, especially plus size women, there was never any selection for them. In June 2004 I started to write a business plan so I could give woman what they deserved, good clothes that fit. The plan sort of took a life of its own. I opened up the store in a 2400 SF space with custom hardwood and fixtures, and it is just a warm and inviting environment.

THP: How did you decide what brands to have in the store?

Jackie: It was a combination of us going out and looking for companies and companies coming to us. Now that we have been around for a while we have a lot more people coming to us, such as Lacoste and Bobby Jones Golf for women. We look for items that fit out philosophy of looking good on and off the green. (THP thinks that is a great name and we love the idea of woman’s clothing being worn on and off the green)

THP: What sets Gals on and off the Green apart from the rest?

Jackie: We can custom order anything. We will order any size in any color for anyone. We believe the key word for us is Diversity. We have styles and fabrics to make the most discerning woman happy, we are not a one size fits all store, we believe in balance. We are extremely passionate about woman of all shapes and sizes.

THP: Why did you choose Golfwear?

Jackie: Golf is the most complete sport, it’s mental, physical and social. I have been an avid golfer for over 13 years and I wanted woman to have clothes that fit well, were fashionable, and functional.

THP: What are some of the brands you sell at your store?

Jackie: We have some really great brands like Walter Genuine, Ed Pro, Tail and Fairway & Green. We also have Golftini, JoFit, Lija, and several other terrific brands.

THP: You have such a wide variety of brands and styles, on behalf of all woman golfers, thank you! And thank you for taking the time to speak with us today.

THP would like to note that by speaking with Jackie you can clearly see her passion for the game of golf and women’s fashion. Gals on and off the Green will be opening a 2nd location in the spring of 2010. They will announce the new location here as it happens.

You can find out tons more about them right here Store.

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