GEL Sapphire Putter Review

GEL putters have been covered by this site on a couple of occasions. Each and every time we cover the line they get rave reviews from each and every product tester that we have here at THP. But for me, I have always gone back to my love affair I have had with my Odyssey White Hot #7.

After the last time we reviewed the putters, I got a chance to talk with the company and they pleaded their case for me to give them another shot in my personal bag. They asked that I keep it in my bag for a few rounds and keep my putting statistics and see what happens.

So I did just that. I went to the putting green a few times with it and of course played with it during my rounds. The putts were about the same as I have had with my regular putter. But during testing, each and every person preferred this one. Was I missing something?

The answer was “Yes I was”. After going to the practice green with it just a few more times, I realized something. From outside of 10 feet, I was so much closer with the GEL Sapphire than I ever was with my White Hot. Sure I was still two putting most of them, but from 20 feet instead of being 3 feet away, I was 12 inches away.

Since that time I have kept the putter in my bag for a few more rounds and not even noticing it, my putts have gone down. So obviously leaving it closer is a viable reason to make the switch. But for me it was a little more than that. It was where I was missing it.

With the Odyssey putter I had become absolutely great at lag putting. The course I normally play at has very fast greens and lag putting is crucial on putts that are longer than 20 feet. With the insert of the Odyssey, I was so good at lagging it inside of 3 feet for a nice two putt. With “Groove Technology” something different happened for me. I was getting the ball to the hole and past the hole each and every time.

I have never made a putt that I left short. But a few more are going in just by getting it there. And although I miss the “greatest ball picker upper ever”, the one on the back of this GEL is not to shabby. Plus, when it is in the hole, neither of them are any good.

One last thing to say. As a reviewer and writer for THP, I did not have to write this article. We have covered this line quite well and look forward to the new stuff that GEL has coming out and hope we can review those also. However I felt it was important to let our readers know that I switched and why. The GEL Sapphire is now in my bag and until I find something that can get it in there more often, it is staying. I was not sold at first, but I am now. To read more about this putter and all of the other GEL putters check out GEL.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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