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Normally I am writing a review on a single clothing line but today I have something a little different for you. Today I am talking about an online retail store called Girls Gone Golfing that offers ladies golf apparel with a twist. Instead of wearing your everyday retail store clothes, they have decided to take ladies golf apparel and add a fun and playful logo to freshen up your daily course wear. I was fortunate enough to speak with Mary Louise, one of the ladies behind this store, and learned a lot more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. I hope you enjoy what you read, we sure enjoyed our time with her.

THP: How did you get started?

ML: My sister, a friend, and myself were not very excited about the golf clothes available for women. We were tred of wearing the same shirts and tops with the country club logo on them so we decided one day to sit down and come up with a logo of our own. We knew we couldn’t do our own clothing lable at this time so we decided to come up with a fun logo to put on different clothing items and fun accessories.

THP: Do you plan on coming out with a clothing line?

ML: We would like to come out with a clothing line but right now we are trying to get our name out there. We are selling the logo not so much the clothes at this time. It is something we hope to do in the future but right now there are a ton of great ladies companies sprouting up everyday so for we are just going to focus on selling our logo.

THP: How did you come up with the logo?

ML: We wanted something that was whimsical and cutesy. So we put our heads together, sketched a few designs and came up with the ladies on the golf cart.

THP: What can you put the logo on?

ML: We can put it on anything. We are really getting into the novelty items such a purses, towels, and our new favorite the cleavage coolers(a THP favorite!).

THP: How did you pick the brands?

ML: It is really trial and error. We have a friend who is in the business and she showed us tons of catalogs. We also went to the PGA show in Orlando, FL this year and we found a lot of great companies we fell in love with. We pick a lot of the clothing lines by feel. We went around and touched all the clothing and felt the different fabrics and we went with the ones that we thought felt the best. Price is of course also a factor but we still wanted a good quality product at a reasonable price.

THP: I appreciate that you take price into consideration because not everyone can afford a customized polo for $100.

ML: Absolutely! Especially in todays economy we want women to be able to get out on the course and have a great time, feel good, look good, and not spend a fortune.

THP: Do you have a favorite brand that you work with?

ML: We are very pleased with just about every brand. We just added Liz Claborn skorts and which we are really excited about. We are always keeping our eyes open for new companies.

THP: Do you plan to open a retail store?

ML: No, we don’t have any plans for a store front. We like that the online store can reach so many people. We are also always going to different merchandise shows such as the one in Orlando. That is a great way to showcase our product.

THP: So with your online store do you sell to just the US or are you world wide?

ML: We sell all over the world. We do not just limit to the US, so no matter where you are we can have one of our logo items shipped to you.

THP: So what does the future hold for Girls Gone Golfing?

ML: I think we are going to continue with our “bling” items. It seems bling is in so we will be blinging out our logo and having it on lots of great items, especially the fun accessories. My favorite item we sell if our black bling shirt. It’s a great top, that’s a ton of fun and it looks fantastic.

THP: How would you describe the feel and atmosphere of Girls Gone Golfing?

ML: We are just a fun bunch of women who want to have a good time. We want people to wear our logo and feel great about themselves, and enjoy their time on the course. We want to portray fun and freedom and just loving life and what you wear. We want to take an ordinary country club outfit and make it something special with our logo.

THP: Final question, do you carry all sizes?

ML: Yes, we go from XS all the way up to 3 or 4 XL. We carry all sizes, we have something for everybody.

Mary Louise was a pleasure to speak with and you can tell from talking with her just how excited she is about golf and having a great time. The ladies of Girls Gone Golfing are all about individuality, feeling good, and looking good while on the course. You can see all their great brands and variety of logo items on there website here. Thank you again to Mary Louise and the great ladies of Girls Gone Golfing for taking the time to speak with us.

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