The Golden Ticket: 2018 Holiday Cheer Day 4

Excited to continue 2018 THP Holiday Cheer with an awesome prize that is heavily sought after in the THP Forum. Holiday Cheer is the annual contest extravaganza that is the celebration of the THP online community. Nine years ago, we hosted our first Holiday Cheer, and it was a contest unlike any other and this year the week long event continues with amazing prizes.

2018 THP Holiday Cheer will run for the entire week with a new prize every single day. If you do not see it on this home page, do not forget to check the forum each day for a chance to be the big winner.

The Golden Ticket
THP Events are the most amazing golf getaways that exist, but getting into them is not always that easy. This ticket gives you a chance to “cut in line” and name the event you want to participate in without the hustle and bustle of signup day.

What THP Events have been announced so far? Click here to head over to the THP Forum and give a peek at the list. It’s impressive already with close to a dozen to choose from and growing each week. All come with equipment, golf and a behind the scenes look at your favorite brand.

How to Enter
Entering is as easy as following these 3 simple steps, but it is important to note that this contest is for 2019 Albatross Club Members only. One of the special perks of being a member of this club, is the ability to enter these outrageous events, and of course the club is open to anybody. If you are not and want more information on how to become one, and help support an amazing charity, click here.

Step 1 – Check out the event list linked above.

Step 2 – Leave a comment below on which event(s) you think are your favorite. You must include your THP Forum Screen Name, so 2019 Albatross Club can be verified.

Step 3 – Sit back and see if you get your name called tomorrow and then start deciding which event you want to be a part of.

That’s it. It’s that time of year where we celebrate the wonderful THP Community and the people that make it great. Don’t forget you have to get your entry done in the next 24 hours and each morning a new contest will be up to enter!

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  • There are so many awesome events. I had a really hard time not just putting everyone of them in this comment, because I’d love to be a part of them all. But here are a few that are high on the list.
    1. Distance Powered by Srixon
    2. Shaft Up
    3. The Ben Hogan Experience

    Screen Name: bassing33

  • Shaft Up #1 or Distance Powered by Srixon. Because Vegas and golf and THP belong together. Close behind would be the THP Championship, which is always full of fun and at a great course. How to decide?

  • A wonderful list of events for sure in 2019!
    Knowing that THP provides amazing opportunities to everyday golfers, providing industry insight like no other.
    I would have interest in the Taylormade Event, Bridgestone Event, and the Shaft Up with UST Mamiya #1.

    Happy holidays THP!

    Forum name: Michigan Slice

  • It would be very hard to choose from the amazing list of events! For me Shaft up would be pretty high up on the list, but I am certain that any event would be a blast! BrettMatthews

  • The Golden Ticket offers so may possibilities! My current list in order would be
    Distance Powered by Srixon
    Staff Proto Party with Wilson Golf
    TaylorMade Event
    Odyssey Experience
    But who knows what other events and experiences could be on the horizon…

  • Of the events I could use this on, these would top the list (subject to change!):

    Distance by Srixon – never hit any, but really like the looks; love my Cleveland putter, too.
    Ben Hogan Experience – same as Srixon, never hit any but like what I’ve seen and read about them here; Hogan is my all-time favorite player.
    Staff Proto Party by Wilson Staff – have a soft spot for Wilson; would love to get behind-the-scenes with them a bit.

    Screen Name: Duffer Waldorf

  • Forum name is chasDog
    Ultimate Testing with Titleist x2 would be my favorite event to attend.

  • Its so hard to pick one because it would be an honor to go to any of the events on that list. But my top 3 would be-
    1) Shaft up in Vegas
    2)Taylormade Event I play their clubs and love their brand
    3)The championship with Budget Golf because every one there is amazing and the events in the past look epic

    Forum name: Pjtime84

  • None of the Golden Tickets last year were eligible for any of the Shaft Ups, so going by that same notion, The Ben Hogan Experience – Hearing about this event from past participants makes me want to be part of the alumni
    Screen Name: JP_CO

  • Sooo many great events to choose from it’s hard to pick!! Since Shaft Up isn’t eligible I think I’d go with the LA Shafts events. I’m thirsty to learn more about shafts! After that, it would probably be the Odyssey Experience for me. But, honestly you can’t go wrong with any event in my opinion. Good luck everyone!

  • Screenname: Jaysfan. Another great line up of events for 2019. The choice of one is a tough one as everyone has their own uniqueness . The Odyssey event was a great one to follow along with so that is my choice. The venue along with the experience of meeting Sean is hard to beat.

  • The Staff Proto Party with Wilson Staff!! hrdining

  • Great trips planned- thanks THP
    First time Albatross member.
    Shaft up with UST
    Forum Name h83putts

  • Distance powered by Srixon
    Shaft up by USt

    and DUH Titleist!!!!!! The choice would be so hard to make!!!! I would love to be that stressed over a golf decision though.

    As they say in legends of the hidden temple…. THE CHOICE IS YOURS AND YOURS ALONE!

    THP NAME: dupaloop3611

  • 2019 is another year of great events at THP. Outside of the Morgan Cup (which I’m already in) and the Granddaddy, I think I would have to go with one of the three following events: Distance Powered by Srixon, Ultimate Testing with Titleist x2, or the Taylormade Event.

  • Since the Morgan Cup is already filled, I would go with the THP Championship!
    forum name: tanker337

  • OITW Entry

    Thanks THP for the opportunity at this fantastic prize. I left the list below with the events or attractions I would be most interested in. I left the Sweep Game show in there because it is an absolutely fantastic event that no one should sleep on.

    THP Events
    The Odyssey Experience
    Bridgestone Event
    THP Championship with Budget Golf

    Special Attractions
    The Sweep Golf Game Show with Budget Golf
    The Foundry with Evolve Golf
    The Garage 19 with Sean Toulon
    Proto Pro with LA Golf
    Fit Like a Pro with Bridgestone Golf

  • I believe the THP Championship with Budget Golf would be my golden ticket. It would be great to meet up with a bunch of fellow THPers for the competition and an ultimate golf weekend.

    Thank you and happy holidays to all the THP staff, participators and supporters

    screen name – Bunker Snot

  • The THP Championship holds a special place in my heart. I hope to be a part of that great event again.

    Forum name: pmm21

  • All year I’ve been able to follow so many awesome events and I’d be thrilled to be a part of any of them.

    That being said the Morgan Cup looks absolutely balls to the wall amazing. That be my pick! Happy Hooiday


  • Wow this is a hard choice and nobody can go wrong with any of them as they are all amazing.
    Since we just had college football recruiting craziness going on that will be the theme for me as these would be the top of my list in no particular order. My recruiting is wide open at this time so I am open to all events/restrictions that may come along with said golden ticket.

    Srixon Distance
    The Sweep
    Ben Hogan Event
    Shaft Up

    #BoomerSooner. #BeatBama

  • Best of luck to everyone!

    I’d love to go back to the Odyssey Experience again, that was such a treat in 2018. But top of my list would be the Garage 19 with Sean Toulon, having a 1/1 design putter would be amazing. Also, I know it’s not on the list, but I would hold out hope that the Handcrafted Experience with Project X would be coming back in 2019.

  • THP has published an amazing list of 2019 events so far and I’m sure that JB still has some surprises in store for us. Based on the list of events as currently constituted I would list the following as being my top 3.

    The Garage 19 with Sean Toulon (I’m a putter ho)
    The Staff Proto Party with Wilson Staff (I had a blast at Staff Proto this year)
    The Odyssey Experience (Putter Ho)
    Forum Name: DufferToo
    Happy Holidays.
    Good Luck Everyone!

  • I’m very intrigued about the TaylorMade Event and the Ultimate Testing with Titleist!

    UserName: MattStub

  • From the standpoint of following along, even though it’s the fastest, The Sweep is definitely my favorite event. (I miss Supermarket Sweep.) However, it’d actually be pretty low on my list of events to join. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. But I’d prefer to join an event that has more THP’ers involved so I can make more some IRL buds.

    But in terms of what has me most intrigued about joining this year, it’s the Morgan Cup, Srixon, and I’m super intrigued by the Taylor Made Event. I love the stuff Cobra, Srixon and TMG are putting out right now and would love to get to know the folks behind it, play a few rounds with them, make more in-person THP connections, and game some new gear. And I’m always a sucker for a Vegas trip, Srixon!

  • 1. The 2 events that really jump out at me are the Bridgestone event and the Srixon event
    2. screen name: MH

  • I think my top choice would most likely be the Shaft Up event. I’ve always had a fascination with equipment and always wonder just how different combinations of shafts, etc would change my game. I think the engineer in me would be in heaven at this type of event.

    Posted by Magicspell

  • I’d have to consider the Odyssey event – need a putter to go along with my MC clubs!

  • If I was lucky enough to win the Golden Ticket, I would have to go for The Garage 19 with Sean Toulon. For someone that loves putters and putting,this would be a dream come true, designing and learning from Sean Toulon would be unreal!

    Screen Name clutch42

  • Man! What a list for 2019!! I think my favorites have to be Distance Powered by Srixon, The Odyssey Experience, and THP Championship with Budget Golf. These three events look like they will be a lot of fun and the people involved in these events are pretty awesome as well!

    Screen name: mjkladis

  • OGputtnfool

    Looking at the list, I’d have to say that The Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya and Taylormade Event would be high on the list and THP Championship with Budget Golf was a great event this year so if the dates didn’t work for those two, I’d look at it for a 2nd time.

  • Really difficult to make a call on this, but Distance Powered by Srixon sounds like a winner to me right now! Ultimate Testing with Titleist also really has me intrigued and I’d love to try one of those out. The past testings with Titleist have been awesome to follow along with.

    THP S/N – SkiBumGolfer

  • I’ve always considered the Morgan Cup as my favorite event to get into. Now that I have, I’d have to go with the Odyssey Experience! Would absolutely love the opportunity to improve my putting through an event. phoffer

  • I would love Distance Powered by Srixon or the THP Championship. Those to me would be incredible. The THP Championship hold special place in my heart since I participated in 2017 and loved it. Great list no matter what you decide.

  • Which events are my favorite??? lol….thats like asking what my favorite ice cream is. The answer is…..YES.!!!! If i had to pick a couple that have me intrigued just by their title I would have to go with the following in no particular order:
    -Distance Powered by Cleveland
    -Ultimate testing with Titleist x 2
    -The Odyssey Experience
    -Bridgestone Event

    You really cant go wrong with any of them and i look forward to all of the details coming out eventually!


  • I would have to go with one of the following, but unsure of the order I would rank…

    Fit Like a Pro – New event and I am a Bridgestone homer. So much promise and THP always delivers.

    THP Championship – Budget Golf has come in and been a big part of THP over the past two years. With each year getting better, I can only imagine what 2019 brings.

    Morgan Cup – Not sure I need to say more?!?!?

    Forum Name: LMart009

  • Distance Powered By Srixon would be my golden ticket choice. Such a great lineup of clubs and then to spend a weekend in Vegas competing, sounds like the perfect event.

  • I would absolutely love to spend time with Odyssey and the Toulons again. Their knowledge and expertise is something I couldn’t get enough of at The Grandaddy. My choice would be either The Odyssey Experience or Garage 19 with the Golden Ticket.

    Forum Name: BlueHen2006

  • With SO many events/special attractions listed, this is a really hard question to answer. Watching the Greatest 60 Seconds video last year was so exciting. Which will always have a place in my heart as I was the lucky contest winner by selecting Schanker to win. Then, you have the THP Budget Championship with the fantastic competition of all those playing. Followed by UST Mamiya fittings with Danny.

    To me, I would have to rank my favorite 2019 events as the following:

    1. THP Championship with Budget Golf- this event just looks like a blast playing with all the THPers and then still reviewing some great products from Budget.
    2. Shaft Up with UST Mamiya #1- Who couldn’t say getting fit by Danny would be the highlight of the year/lifetime for any golfer?
    3. Distance Powered by Srixon- this event in Vegas looks just off the charts, and the extra competition makes it just a little sweeter. Gotta love a chance to compete against some THPers. I live for competition.

    If I get to add a special event, then The Sweep Golf Game Show with Budget Golf would have been my number one. The opportunity to run thru the Budget Warehouse for 60 seconds and grab anything you want is just a golfer’s dream come true. Sign me up for that if not excluded from the Golden Ticket right now. Oh, and I am the lucky winner 😉

    Forum Name: fflmaster

  • Love all the events coming up.
    The morgan Cup with Cobra golf- love the idea of competition
    Shaft of with UST – a friend of mine was on this last year and I got to hit the shaft he got, would love to get fitted for the right shaft.
    Power up with Srixon – Vegas, golf and new clubs – Awesome..
    Screen name is – Zola10

  • There are so many great events going on next year.
    My favorite event would have to be shaft up. I would love to be fit properly and spend a few days having fun with different shafts while golfing with people on the forum.
    Forum Name : TrapGodEvan

  • Every THP event is great. The three I’m liking:
    Bridgestone Event
    Ultimate Testing with Titleist x2
    TEEm Tour Edge

    Forum name JHTR20

  • It’s really close for me between the Morgan Cup and Shaft Up. Anything Wilson related would be 3 as they are a great group and that was my first THP event a few years ago. Morgan cup you get the competition juices flowing and a full bag. Shaft up is cool because well.. Vegas.. golf.. Vegas.

  • Having been a part of a Staff Proto event, it would rank high on my list. However, although i wasn’t selected, the Morgan Cup was #1 on my list. The format of the event being similar to that of the Ryder Cup really peaked my interest and had me crossing everything in hopes i would have gotten selected. The other event of interest is the Taylormade Event. I am a Taylormade club user and have had the most success with their products so I would love to see what an event hosted by them would really be like! Good luck everyone!

    Forum Name: CMedina84


  • Wow…..this is like trying to decide which is better chocolate candy or ice cream! My two favorite events in order would be:

    1) The Ben Hogan Experience (all that tradition)
    2) The Morgan Cup (all that cutting edge flair)

    My THP screen name is Kay-Dee.

  • Any of the events would be a special treat, but I have to say the THP Championship by Budget Golf or a Shaft up event are high on my list.


  • This is an easy one., The Ultimate Testing With Titleist X2. I was selected this year but had to pass it along to another lucky THPer due to my school schedule conflict. No school for 2019 so I’m ready!

  • So many great events lined up for 2019!
    My top three are probably:
    Distance Powered by Srixon
    Ultimate Testing with Titleist
    The Staff Proto Party with Wilson Staff
    TaylorMade Event
    The Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya

    Oops, that’s more than 3!

  • Screen name, DJT311: With so many great events I don’t think you could go wrong with any. I would probably be looking at using it for distance powered by Srixon event, ultimate testing with Titleist, Shaft up # 1

  • I love all the THP events but I am really loving me some UST shafts and would love to meet the people behind them.
    I might also wait for a event with a famous teacher that was hinted at since I Could use the Lessons a lot.

    Shaft Up with UST Mamiya #1
    The Graphite Challenge with UST Mamiya


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