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The Hackers Paradise frequently writes about style on the golf course and some of our favorite brands out there. But one of the major problems we are running into is that a lot of the apparel and shoes we review can sometimes get a little pricey. With the economy still in the toilet what is the average golfer to do? It seems that most of the readers have a choice to make when it comes to how they will spend their golf budget. Either buy the new outfit or new shoes or play a couple of rounds of golf. While at a recent Beginner’s Golf Clinic for a friend, I found myself looking around at what people were playing with and the type of shoes and apparel they had on. I asked why they were playing in sneakers and not golf shoes and it seemed the answer was always cost. The ladies chose the cute outfit over the shoes and the men were choosing the great shoes over the outfit. So we set out on a mission to find out what an affordable price was for the complete outfit. Shoes, Shorts (pants or skorts), Shirt, and Hat and what golfers were willing to pay for that outfit. After speaking to everybody at the clinic, the price we got was $250 for brand new, current line golf stuff. But leave it to THP to take it a step further and drop the price to $200 and ask every company out there to come up with the goods.

We offered this challenge to 5 companies that carried both golf apparel and golf shoes and only two companies stepped up to the challenge and delivered on these “budget outfits”. To be perfectly honest, we were a little shocked that the other companies said they “could not get this done” but we were thrilled to see that 2 companies stepped up to the challenge.

As we mentioned, to participate, a company had to put together Shoes, Bottoms, Shirt, and Headwear. Nike really went the extra mile and came to the table with a great men’s outfit and even threw in a golf glove while still making our $200 Budget that we set up for the challenge. The second willing participant was adidas Golf and they provided a fantastic ladies outfit. Not only did they get the requirements all perfect, they even added a great belt and met the mark.

Two companies stood up to the THP Budget Apparel Challenge and did they ever deliver!

We will start with the stylish and classic men’s outfit that Nike Golf was kind enough to put together. The shorts were the Nike Dri-Fit Plaid Golf Shorts made with 100% moisture wicking material. They are flat front, not pleated and are extremely comfortable. Available in 4 different colors, the bottoms that they chose to send were the Cobalt Blue Plaid and I must say that the pictures do not do them justice. The shorts run true to size as do all of the Nike apparel we have tested. This was absolutely a great start to the outfit.

The golf shirt that was sent over to match the Dri-Fit Plaid Golf Shorts was the Nike Dri-Fit UV Solid Polo. Nothing compliments plaid better than plain colored shirts and this combination is no exception. The shorts have hints of white and black so you could technically go either way, but I have to agree with Nike on this one that the white polo looks superb. The material offers SPF 30 UV protection while at the same time being moisture wicking to pull the sweat from you. Any black or white belt you might already have in you close would be the perfect finishing touch to this ensemble.

The shoes for this outfit are pictured above. On a budget of this nature I was not expecting much out of the golf shoe provided but Nike really out did themselves here. The Nike Heritage golf shoe is crafted with a water-resistant synthetic leather upper and a full-length phylon midsole. Stinger spikes provide you with optimal traction, comfort, and durability.

To top the outfit off Nike decided to go with the Nike One Dri-FIT Perforated Golf Hat. Athletic and aerated in design it offers a secure, breathable fit for the player focused on perfecting every motion. Same hat worn by the Nike Tour Players. I have to be honest and say it is the most comfortable hat I have ever worn. So light weight and so “breathable”.

As a bonus, Nike had a few dollars left over so they decided to included the Nike Dura Feel golf glove. Enhanced synthetic leather and a leather patch on the palm provide a great grip and an optimal mix of feel and durability. I love how they were able to stretch the dollar to even include a glove, very impressive!

At the register:
Shorts – $65.00
Shirt – $45.00
Shoes – $60.00
Hat – $20.00
Glove – $10.00

Total – $200.00

The ladies outfit put together by adidas Golf was extremely impressive as well. They jumped at the opportunity and like the other company went above and beyond by including an extra piece. In this case a belt.

We will start this preview of the ladies outfit with the shoes. adidas Golf put the outfit together with the Driver Lucy Golf Shoes which looks great in this ensemble. Full-grain leather upper with a FitFoam sock liner provide extreme comfort and are waterproof as well. They also have clog-resistent DTAC Cleats. The Driver Lucy is a perfect companion for a day on the course.

The bottoms are the adidas Golf Ladies Stretch Twill Shorts. They feature a stretchy twill construction that blends together cotton, polyester and a touch of Lycra spandex. The short also incorporates a contoured waistband, a flat front, a notched hem, and back pockets with button closures. They are extremely comfortable and an amazing score in our budget outfit.

The shirt in this outfit was a great find. It features moisture wicking material throughout the shirt and the cuffs and collar are solid jersey material. This is the perfect example of fashion and comfor overlapping to create a perfect polo. We found that like the Nike men’s gear, the adidas Golf ladies apparel runs true to size and we had no issues with them at all. When paired with the shoes and shorts the outfit really comes together.

Our outfit was not complete without a hat or visor and adidas made sure to supply that too. The ladies Tango Visor in spa/white was perfect for this. It is made with micro fiber fabrication, dryzone moisture wicking headband, and performance velcro closure.

Leaving no penny left unspent adidas Golf not only came up with a classy and cost effective outfit but they were even able to include the Ladies Webbing Belt in Diagonal (available in Dot as well) and still stay within the $200 budget. The belt features a metal buckle embossed with Adidas brand-mark. This final touch took an already great outfit and made it something extraordinary.

At the register:
Shorts – $45.00
Shirt – $40.00
Shoes – $75.00
Visor – $20.00
Belt – $20.00

Total – $200.00

Both outfits came in at budget and we showed them off to the beginners clinic the following weekend and they were extremely excited. What we found in researching for this article is that some of the companies out there really do understand that not every golfer has hundreds to spend on new apparel or golf shoes every month. But both Nike Golf and adidas Golf stepped up to the plate and came through and showed that you can still look great and find that wonderful go to outfit on a pretty strict budget.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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