Golf Marketing and Media with Scott Goryl – The Golf Industry Uncut Volume 7

THP Radio is back with a bang in 2016 and today we continue with The Golf Industry Uncut. Tackling on demand audio for the world of golf like never before, THP Radio presents this unique look behind the doors of the equipment world through the experts.

The rules for Uncut are simple. There are no rules other than the guest must be accessible to readers/consumers to discuss the show post broadcast.

This semi-monthly broadcast is your chance to hear from those in the golf industry in a format that is completely raw and unedited. If there is an issue on the show, you will hear it. You will have the opportunity to submit questions for guests over the course of the year and even connect with them after the shows either here on the THP Forum or through social media and let them know your thoughts or ask follow up questions.

This Episode
Scott Goryl from Callaway Golf joins the show
How did you get started in golf?
Describe Callaway Golf right now?
East Coast vs West Coast
Scott Goryl joins us on the Hot Seat for Fire Away
And so much more

Join us by listening below, or as always you can find us on iTunes at The Hackers Paradise.

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  • An another awesome listen, love hearing Scotty’s responses about the brand, the game and the interactions!

  • Great interview. Scott seems to be a very personable young man. Really enjoyed his comments about Callaway golf and their how they represent themselves today!! Don’t know that I agree about his beer selection though!!!!

  • Scott is one good dude! Remember meeting him at the THP/Callaway event in Dallas where we made him play in the 30mph winds along with the Tiger Woods convention in front of us. Good Times! Great interview and look forward to maybe a few more of the Callaway guys coming on!

  • Scott is a cool dude, had the pleasure of meeting him at #TheKing in 2015. Love hearing all the Zoo Crew is excited every year for #TheGrandaddy as well!

  • Great discussion and who doesn’t love the Fireaway section?! Also much love for Modern Times Brewery, can’t wait for them to open their LA location. And Ballast Point is legit.

    I would love to dive a little deeper into making the emotional connection between a brand and a consumer, especially as it relates to engagements with THP – forums, events, testing etc.

    Back some years ago, I read a book called “Lovemarks” written by the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi and I (and I think many here) would enjoy conversation referencing those concepts.

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