Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack Review

The golf grip seems to be one of the most overlooked aspects of choosing golf equipment and being a segment that should be replaced fairly often, THP believes that more should take notice. Many of the companies producing golf grips have come out with products that feature rich advancements in technology and innovation.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack joins one of the longest running grip lines in the company’s history. This new grip features a new material formulation that is there to provide high levels of tackiness as the name suggests.

From The Company
The new grip formulation is complemented by an innovative multi-section grip texture. The lower section, located ‘below the ribbon’, features a wider version of the ‘plus’ sign pattern that was made famous in the original series of Tour Velvet grips. The new, wider ‘plus’ signs are aligned in a tighter formation to provide a higher level of traction throughout the swing. The upper section, located ‘above the ribbon,’ is comprised of a diamond texture pattern that was a direct result of PGA TOUR player feedback during development. This area of the grip provides added stability when maximum force is placed on the grip during the downswing.

Available in both standard and midsize models with a price of $5.99 and $6.99 respectively. Both grip models are expected to hit stores this month.

The Water Test
While at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show, THP TV caught up with Golf Pride and talked about this new grip and then had a demonstration done for the viewers on just how well the Super Tack grip handles water.

Testing On The Course
THP gripped a full set of clubs and took them to the course on a hot and humid FL day. To say they performed well would be an understatement and it is probably best to let the testers quotes stand on their own.

They remind me of my older styled wrapped grips, but with more grip, feel and texture to them. Solid on all accounts.
Dave from Bradenton

Been looking for something to last me all summer in this swamp like weather we get for a few months. These are perfect for that.
Jim from Venice

The quotes were similar across the board. As it pertains to moisture control, not a single person that tried them out, preferred their current grips to that of the Super Tack.

When choosing grips, the number one thing that is discussed is feel. It is a purely subjective choice and that along with a look that one might like make up a large portion of how grips are purchased. To describe it best, the Tour Velvet Super Tack feels soft, but yet firm. Confused yet? The easiest way to describe it is soft to the touch and feel, but just firm enough to give you a solid foundation at setup.

It is rather difficult to test the durability with grips during the duration of a review period, but THP has had a set of these on for three months and countless rounds of golf and they look brand new. A simple cleaning once in that time has left the appearance that they were just put on. Tune in to the THP Forum for continued updates on the durability as the Tour Velvet Super Tack gets more play throughout the year.

Golf Pride has put together a very strong lineup of grips and the Super Tack fits in perfectly in the Tour Velvet family. If you are a golfer that likes maximum assistance with moisture, this could very well be the perfect grip for you. For more information on this or any of the Golf Pride products check out their website at

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  • Solid price point and appears to be the solution to everyone’s problem about not having the right grips for the humid months. Oh and that water test was cool!

  • Pretty cool. Sounds like this could be a great warm/humid weather grip.

  • Thanks for the review Josh. These do sound like the perfect fit for the summer golf season. I could see these finding their way into many bags this summer.

  • Those look nice, I’m loving the swamp proof grips!

  • Nice review here Josh! These sound like great performers for certain climates and could really alleviate some frustration on the course when it comes to slick grips.

    Price is solid but they gotta get some other colors available….black is so 1970’s. 😉

  • Very nice. The poor performance in humid conditions is the reason I am not a fan of the regular Tour Velvets. Sounds like they fixed that with this version.

  • Like Erik, I stayed away because of the poor performance in humid conditions. Love when a company looks at their product and see a flaw and works to fix it. Seems like GP did a great job with these.

  • I am intrigued. The original Tour Velvet was just missing that X-factor, sounds like they may have added enough to make it compete with others on the market.

  • When I saw the water test from the PGA show, I was interested, but after hearing about how well they perform, I’m excited to give these a try. I wear a glove n the summer because the regular tour velvets don’t keep their grip with my sweaty palms, but sounds like these might fix that problem and allow me to play without a glove?

  • I need to check these out with the happenings in July on the horizon.

  • The design and color schemes look appealing, as does the texture. I like to hear these remain tacky in wet conditions; that can help out a lot with the humidity.

  • Super intrigued by these. I prefer to play without a glove, and that can be a real challenge on wet and humid days. These look like they could be the answer for me.

    Thanks for the review Josh. That water test was pretty unique.

  • These were eye opening in hand at the PGA Show this year, I traditionally despise the Tour Velvet’s for a plethora of reasons but these are a complete evolution IMO.

    Thanks for the insight Josh!

  • Maximum assistance with moisture sounds like something I need for sure.

  • Good review. It hit the questions that I had — particularly how it handles wet environments.

  • Wow those could be useful.

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