Golf Rules Quick Reference 2008-2011 Review

I can’t even count anymore the amount of times that while playing, I do not know the exact ruling of something. The outcome usually involves me guessing, and then later on looking it up only to realize that I was completely wrong and penalized myself too much or too little. (usually the latter) Well, the folks at Golf Rules Made Easy may have just found the solution to my problem.

This company has created the solution to this issue.
A small little user-friendly booklet, written in easy-to-understand English, is organized into eight sections, just as a course is layed out, among them “Tee,” “Fairway and Rough”, “Bunker,” “Water Hazard” and “Green.” This must-have guide belongs in every golfer’s bag because its numerous relief procedures help save strokes and prevent arguments among players. In fact, the especially innovative overview chart on the last page answers 80 percent of golfers questions without even having to flip open the booklet!

“The fact is, most golfers, including many tour professionals, don’t have a thorough knowledge of all of the Rules of Golf, other than the basics,” says Yves C. Ton-That, “Golf Rules Quick Reference 2008-2011″ author and an international rules official for more than 10 years. “The ‘Golf Rules Quick Reference’ provides quick answers to rules questions thanks to its 170 illustrations and easy-to-understand language instead of dry, legal verbiage nobody understands. Storing ‘Golf Rules Quick Reference’ in your golf bag will enable you to avoid embarrassment and arguments, and will also allow you to take full advantage of the various relief procedures and free drops you weren’t aware of before.”

From my personal use, I really liked this booklet. It is small enough to fit into almost any pocket in your bag. But the real upside for me, was that because of the way it is organized with tabs and pictures, you can find the ruling and play accordingly without holding up anyone behind you. I urge each person to pick one of these up. You can read much more about this award winning product Here The company was also kind of enough to give us a few samples, so if you join us in the forum, you will be eligible for some giveaways.

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  • Wow–looks really handy. If only so I can convince my husband that not every infraction costs only a single stroke!

  • This might be handy. Seems like it might be quicker to find the rule you are looking for. I carry a rules book in my bag, but, as I hadn’t played since 2003 before this year, I had a 2002 rules book in my bag all summer!

  • Looks great. So many people seem to carry out of date rules books. I urge golfers to only consult the most up to date reference material. This one looks like it helps find the answer very quickly.

  • Well, luckily I now own this book as per winning! It is great, truly is. I’ve never been up-to-par on the rules, as I’m a casual player, but I do from time-to-time have a question or need to question that know it all brother in-law of mine:>) This will perfect. It has tons of wonderful information in it. Interesting thing is, some rules I was wrong about. If it were in typical book form/layout, forget about it, but with the tabs and simple, yet effective diagrams, it makes it overly simple…so you have no ezcuses to not know the rules! I’m not sure on the price, but if they aren’t too pricey, I am wanting to purchase several for my friends, and that know-it-all brother in-law!
    I never rave about non-equipment products, but this one sure deserves it, A+++, 5/5 stars all the way!

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