Golf Shaft Design by the Materials

Episode 2, Golf Shaft Design

In case you missed the fascinating Episode 1, you can find it here.

Have you ever wondered where golf shafts come from? How they are made? The materials used? How are they painted? What makes one different from another? THP TV is bringing you a new series this year called Lab Rats with Don Brown and it features shaft knowledge, education and a whole lot of fun straight from an expert at Project X Shafts.

Shot in 4K so THP Recommends Full Screen Viewing

Episode 2 is here and you will learn a little more about shaft design and the materials that make up each shaft. What is a Flag? What does it’s placement do to impact the flex you are playing? How do the materials differ from one to another and can all of these things change how a shaft feels? Don will guide you through each of these questions and a whole lot more including the new Even Flow shaft line from Project X and even more on design properties.

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  • A ton of great information! DB is always full of great knowledge. It’s kind of crazy what can be done with the same materials and just minor changes to how the flags are laid out, and cut.

  • Another fantastic episode. Thanks, JB and Don, for all the time and effort put into these. Very interesting information.

  • Great episode!

  • Good stuff. I had never thought about balance point effecting the swingweight but it makes total sense.

  • Great episode. I like how Don can break down a complex subject so that anyone can understand.

  • Great video – This series is outstanding, he amount of knowledge that Don has and the way he shares it is fantastic.

    It makes sense that they have to marry different materials to get shafts the way they want them but it’s crazy that one material that would get it super stiff would be brittle.

    Such great information, thank you.

  • This has been a great series, love listening to DB drop knowledge bombs!

  • Another great episode, looking forward #3.

    Thanks Don for taking the time out of your busy schedule to explain shafts in an easy to understand manner.

  • Fantastic watch. Really enjoy hearing Don break down the tech that goes into the shafts. I really appreciate you guys doing these. I look forward to the next one!!!

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