Golf Unfiltered 105: Dan Hauser from Links Magazine

 Golf Unfiltered 105: Dan Hauser from Links Magazine

The THP Radio Network is filled with a variety of shows and new to the network is the Golf Unfiltered show with Adam Fonseca. The show brings new and interesting topics and interviews from the world of golf and THP is honored to have it as part of our lineup.


This episode features Dan Hauser from Links Magazine and is a fantastic conversation.

Join the fun by listening below or if you are on the THP Mobile App, click the THP Radio button on the bottom. As always you can find THP Radio on iTunes or Google Play at The Hackers Paradise or whatever platform is your favorite of choice for podcasts.

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  • I could listen to Dan and Adam talk forever. Fun, energetic but still had an heir of golf class.

  • Enjoyed the show.
    I think the talk about some of the antiquated rules in professional golf was spot on. It’s been discussed before on THP and the Lexi incident just highlighted how the PGA/R&A/LPGA have not adjusted to the 21st century.

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