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With the heat wave hitting many regions of the United States, I think it’s safe to say summer is here. With the hot temperatures it’s only appropriate that our favorite ladies online apparel stores, Golf4Her, has added hot new colors and styles for the season. Such companies as Fila Golf have made a real splash in the golf apparel market with their unique fabrics and designs. Now Golf4Her has these amazing styles in a plethora of colors. Red, blue, orange and yellow are just a few of the endless color options available right now.

Other great brands you can find at Golf4Her are Shi Golf, Wear to Win and Lija. Make sure to have a few hours of free time before visiting this site because I promise you will get lost with the amazing selection. Golf4Her might have ‘her’ in the name but they now have a Golf4Him section so now you can get something for yourself and a lucky guy in your life. In additional to a vast array of apparel brands, colors, designs and styles you can also find accessories, shoes and even golf equipment.

I love all the choices available at I am a person who likes to have choices which is one of the things that initially drew me to the site and has kept me coming back. I am also a strong proponent of customer service and if a company doesn’t have top notch customer care, then I will most likely never shop there again. Golf4Her has first rate customer service and if you need help figuring out what shirt goes with what bottoms, they are there to answer you. It’s like having your own personal shopper. So whether you are looking for a new outfit, accessories, or more for yourself, a friend or family member I highly recommend stopping by this online boutique. Just make sure you have some time because I promise you will be browsing this site for hours. Stay tuned because you never know what new brand they will be adding next.

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  1. Ryan H. says:

    If I was a lady, or knew a lady golfer, I’d be doing all my shopping here.

  2. MaryC says:

    I LOVE the Fila stuff! I would wear all of it. I’m so glad Golf4Her added this line because Fila golf wear for women was hard to find in the US. Thanks Golf4Her!

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