Golf4Her Adds Tommy Hilfiger Golf

I will admit before I became a golfer I used to think that the ‘preppy’ look was the golfer look. One company that symbolized preppy was Tommy Hilfiger. So it comes as no big surprise that they have now entered into the golf world, and now that I am a golfer, I am very excited for their arrival. As I have gotten older I have started to embrace the more mature look. I still like my fun, fashion forward styles but every now and then I love to add a little something traditional to the mix. With the introduction of Tommy Hilfiger to golf I can now add a little classic, ‘country club’ style to my wardrobe and I now know just the place to get it: Golf4Her.

Always staying ahead of the curve, and making sure to have something for everyone, Golf4Her is already taking pre-orders for the new Tommy Hilfiger Golf line. The styles are just what we would expect from Tommy, classic cuts, lots of reds and blues and filled with that traditional style we have come to love from the brand. From solids to plaids, sweaters to skorts Tommy has a great array of options for that classic female golfer. Below are some images of their newest offering. Be sure to check out for more great Tommy Hilfiger options.

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