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Can a drink help your golf game? Could you hit longer and straighter shots after consuming it at the turn? Maybe one sip and you turn into a golfer with tour player like skills. Well, GolferAID, while made specifically for the golfer does not promise any of that. What they do discuss is a drink that is formulated with the golfer in mind and that it is made with the ingredients that are ideal fuel for one on the course.

From the Company
The skill set utilized in golf calls for much more than simple hydration or replacement of electrolytes and amino acids. It requires the full enhancement and replenishment of the target nutrients delivered by GolferAID. Think of GolferAID like a complex fuel for a golfer’s body and mind. Our propriety nutraceutical blend has been scientifically formulated to AID the biochemical processes involved in every part of your game…from Strength and Flexibility to Muscle Fatigue, Mental Acuity, Vision, Stamina, and Balance.

The History
GolferAID was conceived by a group of young, health conscious golfers looking for a new way to improve their game. With all of the many products available to golfers, no one had come up with a beverage specially designed to enhance the skill set utilized in a round of golf. The group decided to take the logical next step. They assembled a team, combined their talent and enthusiasm, and went to work. Exhaustive research, testing and focus group participation led to the unique product that is GolferAID…The World’s Most Advanced Functional Golf Beverage!

When their initial brainstorming began, there was no one to tell them what “couldn’t be done.” They are not some niche part of a large beverage conglomerate, disguised and marketed to look like a small independent company. No manager could force them to compromise their formula to increase the bottom line. They were free to create a unique product and follow it through from conception to production. LifeAID Beverage Company is a maverick in the industry, and for them, GolferAID is just the start.

How Does It Taste
Those around THP have been drinking it for about a month now and most of the feedback is extremely positive. When you first open the can you get some light carbonation sound and a smell of vitamins that brings on the appearance “this is healthy”. With the first sip, you must prepare yourself that this is not some artificially sweetened energy drink loaded with sugar because if that is what you are expecting, you will not find that here. The taste is like a lightly carbonated grapefruit juice that is not really sweet or sour. Hints of herb like taste mixed with citrus all while lightly “fizzy”. All in all, the taste is quite nice and something that was never looked at as “ill tasting” by anybody that tried it.

On the Course
On the science page of their website, GolferAID talks about all the wonderful things the drink can assist golfers with. Did they work? Maybe. The THP testers did as requested and drank cans both before the round at after the 9th hole and truth be told, played some great golf. Was that drink related? There really is no way to tell, however more importantly to some, we can tell you that everybody enjoyed the drink and that we felt hydrated and energetic without the crash that many energy drinks offer.

GolferAID is not a magic potion of sorts that when you drink it, you will immediately feel like a tour player. It is a product that tastes great, is filled with vitamins and backed by science that might be perfect for you on the golf course. If you see one in the pro shop, pick it up and let us know your thoughts. For more information on the drink or the company, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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