GolfSense Swing Analyzer Review

The ability to look at and assess one’s own swing from the convenience of their smart phone could very well be a game changer for many. The fact is that the diversity of swing analysis products in the market right now is staggering and there is something for everyone it seems. What we are currently seeing in this explosion of technology is a number of varying options that are as complex or simple as one could want. Upon reviewing a device like the GolfSense, it is always interesting to see where it fits amongst others out there.


Revolutionary Mobile Applications

GolfSense can detect the acceleration, velocity, tempo, position and posture of the device and the club by calculating sensor data at sample rates over 1,000 times per second. At the same time, the high velocity motion engine inside the software will divide the swing into different segments of club position and posture. The result is a highly accurate view of your swing down to the millisecond.

In-Depth Swing Analysis

The GolfSense app is driven by a powerful motion engine that delivers in-depth analysis of your golf swing presented in a clear, easy to use interface. Important information about each aspect of your swing, from your backswing all the way to the speed of your wrist rotation and everything in between, GolfSense provides the most comprehensive feedback of any golf swing analyzer on the market today.

3D Motion Capture – How it Works

GolfSense is the world’s first portable three dimensional sensor system designed to deliver real-time feedback and analysis of your golf swing. The patented high velocity motion engine uses data from 4 discrete MEMS sensors inside the device to accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path.

The revolutionary and free mobile app allows you to analyze each segment of your swing from any angle. Review any single swing, or compare two separate swings at once within the application. GolfSense is not only a product, but it’s a platform that will soon allow you to compare your swings to many others including professionals and coaches. Simply connect GolfSense to your mobile device via bluetooth, and let the fun begin.

The application can be set to automatically capture and save every swing in rapid succession or just the ones you select with a simple press of the yellow button. Turn on “impact detection” and GolfSense will ignore your practice swings and only log those that pertain to actual ball contact. It’s easy, fun, automatic, and awesome! Review any single swing, or compare two separate swings at once within the application. GolfSense is not only a product, but it’s a platform that will soon allow you to compare your swings to many others including professionals and coaches.

Swing Guidance and Recommendations

Is your backswing too slow? Are you hitting the ball too early or decelerating before impact? As part of your golf swing analysis, GolfSense displays helpful recommendations, letting you know how you can modify your swing to improve your technique. With your swing history recorded, you’ll be able to chart your progress over time as you work on improving each part of your swing. 


The GolfSense swing analyzer is obviously one of many different options on the market and they are all trying to find their own niche of providing golfers with useful information.  When reviewing devices like the GolfSense I’m always intrigued to see how different companies present the information, as there is always a fine line to walk between making information easily understandable, while still providing enough depth.


The GolfSense provides a vast assortment of information pertaining to each recorded swing. Obviously there is the initial readout screen with swing path and basic info, but there is even more available with a simple tap on the “Analysis” tab. Because there is so much information available here, it will be best to break it down into multiple categories:

  • Installation
    • The thing that immediately differentiates the GolfSense from the others is where it is located. Rather than using a bracket located on the shaft of the club, the GolfSense slides on the strap of your golf glove and secures when the golfer Velcro’s it.  The device is able to get away with this because it only weight .6 ounces (17g) and it honestly isn’t noticeable when swinging the club.
    • Additionally, “installation” also consists of downlading the app (iOS or Android) and turning on Bluetooth, after which pushing the button on the device will automatically lead the smart device to ask if you want to open the app. It is an incredibly streamlined and simple process that works very well.
    • Prior to use you enter all information about your club setup (loft and length) so that during use you simply select the club in hand and the app adapts its information conversion for appropriate feedback.
    • The GolfSense also comes with a dock to use for charging. Insert the device, plug in the USB cable, and it charges quick and easy.
  • Swing Path
    • Obviously, the swing path is the most important aspect of a device like the GolfSense.  Just like others, the backswing and downswing is displayed using a 3D golfer model that can be manipulated for multiple views. In addition to being able to pivot, zoom, pause, and replay each swing, the app also has the option to isolate what parts of the swing path you want to see (plane only, path only, hand trace only, downswing only, backswing only). The swing path illustrated on the GolfSense does in fact trace all kinds of swing paths, no matter how normal or unorthodox that it may be. The only real issue I have is the cutoff point of the follow through on recorded swings, as it makes every follow through look more abbreviated than it may really be. As far as consistency and accuracy goes though, the GolfSense performs very well here.

  • Tempo
    • This is a feature that is incredibly impressive, and more importantly, useful. The device actually records the overall time of the backswing and downswing and breaks it down into parts to provide the user with an analysis of their tempo. The GolfSense is set here with a 3:1 backswing/downswing ratio being “ideal”. Not only do you get the information, but the app also tells you how and where you need to improve for ideal tempo in your swing.  This has helped me immensely as I admittedly struggle with a quick takeaway and overly aggressive transition.

  • Clubhead Speed
    • With any Bluetooth swing device I’m always skeptical of the swing speed readout. For me personally it really isn’t a major issue, as I don’t expect it to be as accurate as a launch monitor, but it’s a part of the device nonetheless. The GolfSense claims to be within 3 MPH of Doppler systems like the Trackman. For me, it was a bit more than that. I consistently saw speeds within 5-6 MPH when compared to a launch monitor. This is what I would expect out of a Bluetooth device with its natural limitations. There is clearly a difference here, but swing speed is just a minor part of the GolfSense.

  • Hand Speed/ Wrist Release
    • Because the actual device is attached to the glove it also records hand speed (MPH) and wrist release (degrees per second). The hand speed appears to just be extra information that is used in coordination to generate and estimated clubhead speed. The wrist release however is a tremendous tool for showing issues like casting or how long your wrist angle is held through the swing, the lower the number given the earlier you are releasing.

  • Plane Comparison/Backswing Position
    • Two more pieces of information are the swing plane comparison and the location of the clubhead at the end of your backswing. The swing plane allows the user to see how closely their back and down swings are in relation to each other, with the principle being most tour players have about a 95% comparison. The backswing location gives the number of degrees where your swing ends. Both of these are not as major of a feature as the path might be, but I found them incredibly useful for keeping an eye on the little things. In particular, if you are letting your swing get a bit too long at the end.

  • Hip Rotation
    • While using the GolfSense you can utilize what it refers to as the “phone in pocket” feature and place your phone in either your front or back pocket to record your hip rotation throughout your swing. This is a particularly useful aspect, since so many golfers struggle with their hips throughout the swing. It’s nice to have feedback on it and advice as to improve as well.

  • Information Tracking and Comparison
    • Some devices require you to tap record on each swing, but the GolfSense features a few different options. The device can be set to record all swings (and it records as rapidly as you can swing) or impact detection can be turned on so that it will only record swings in which contact is made though the zone. This is very handy for recording a range session or even during the round as I did on multiple occasions. Since the device is so light, you don’t even notice it, but then have a plethora of information when you conclude the round.
    • Recording your swings for information and feedback can undoubtedly be a great tool. However, for it to truly be useful it has to be easily accessible. The GolfSense excels here by not only making use of the iCloud to transfer information to and from devices, but also provides more organization than most. Recorded swings are accessed via a calendar where each session is stored by the time and day it was taken. In addition, it’s easy to favorite, compare, and even delete swings with just the swipe of a finger.  All told, from an organization and access standpoint, the GolfSense really is quite impressive.


There are a lot of options out there for personal mobile swing analysis thanks to the smart phone’s prevalence. With options comes competition and that undoubtedly benefits us as consumers by forcing adaptation and improvement. The GolfSense is a great example of adapting over time and improving itself by updating the app. In the end it may not be the most complex device out there, but it very well could be the most easily used for average golfers.

The GolfSense has an MSRP of $129.99. For more information be sure to check out their website at

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