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As you know by now THP reviews a great variety of golf products. We review equipment, accessories, apparel and training aids from companies large and small. A lot of times our readers are already well aware of the company manufacturing whatever it is we’re reviewing, but not always. Every so often we get to have a lot of fun testing equipment and accessories from companies that maybe are not as well known by all of our readers, or in some cases introducing readers to a brand new company and their product line. Personally I love getting a close look at products by the lesser known companies then coming back to my friends on the THP forum and sharing what I’ve learned.

This is a one of those opportunities to introduce a company to a lot of readers. A company from the Netherlands called GolfSox has sent over two of their headcovers for us to run through the paces and report back our findings. Most of THP’s readers probably have not heard of GolfSox so it’s always fun and important to give a brief introduction to tell everyone a little more about the company.

About GolfSox from the company

The idea to call GolfSox into existence was born out of need. Whoever prefers not to be a walking sponsor column or a toy shop has few alternatives. GolfSox headcovers present a subtle way of giving your golf bag a personal touch.

Standard headcovers have not always been around. The alternative was to us a sock instead to cover the driver or wood to protect these. Socks, due to restricted knitting techniques, were usually striped. So GolfSox has been using this nostalgia adjusting the shape of that of a modern driver.

Available color combinations and options

There are 10 standard color combinations of GolfSox available directly from their store on their homepage. There are, however, countless options of custom color combinations also available. You can select from over 20 different colors to combine with another color to come up with your own custom GolfSox headcover. As you can imagine, there are what seems like countless different color combinations you can come up with for your very own GolfSox headcovers. One small disclaimer, when doing custom color orders, you are required to order at least 5 items of the same combination you came up with. Great news though, the 5th one is free when doing those custom orders.

There is also a special promotion running now for what is called a SpecialSox. This is a ‘Pink Ribbon’ headcover that has been designed by GolfSox to help support the Pink Ribbon Foundation. The Pink Ribbon Foundation is the foundation that asks attention for breast cancer. The foundation’s mission is to save lives through early detection and to provide mammograms for those in need. This promotion is currently running and will run through February of 2012.


I have to be completely honest with you on something; this was probably one of the easiest product review I’ve done as an equipment tester for THP because as soon as the package arrived I removed my standard company logoed headcovers off my 3 wood and hybrid and replaced them with two GolfSox headcovers and just like that I was ready to go. The two GolfSox that were sent for this review are quite nice looking. One is a two-toned green with the same two colors of green making up the pom pom on the end and the other is a light blue and orange again with the same two colors in the pom pom. The colors are very bold and vibrant and really look nice especially when on the clubs on the golf course. There is definitely a big difference looking at these very colorful headcovers compared to the black on black on white of the OEM covers I had previously.

As I mentioned I have the GolfSox on my 3 wood and hybrid and they fit great and slide on and off very easily. I did try the GolfSox with my 460cc head driver and it did fit and would likely work just fine but the fit was a little snug. I’d be concerned that too much sliding over that large of a head would cause stretching over time. Also to me the smaller size of the pom pom just looked a little off while over top of the larger headed driver. The GolfSox are also plenty long enough to protect the shafts of the clubs you use them on when putting them in and out of the bag. Unlike some people who take their headcovers off on the range before a round and do not replace them until the round is over I actually always replace my headcovers after each shot and there was not a single time where I had any issues with the GolfSox going on or coming off the clubs.


Since having the GolfSox headcovers on I have had more comments and looks than ever before out on the golf course. I have enjoyed the uniqueness of how they look paired with my clubs and bag quite a lot. The GolfSox headcovers provide an element of nostalgia that I really like and I don’t see a chance that the old OEM headcovers will be back on anytime soon. The GolfSox are machine washable and they do suggest that you wash them inside out to protect the pom pom. GolfSox headcovers are available directly from the company on their website at for a price of a little over $33 each.

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