The 2019 Grandaddy Day 1 Update

The 2019 Grandaddy of Em All Event is underway!  The greatest amateur event ever created, brought to you by Callaway Golf and THP.

The 2019 Grandaddy is 3+ days of action coming your way and you can follow all the action on the THP Forum here.  The forum thread will serve as host for everything that takes place. If the participants see it (and can share it), it will be in there. Watch and hear from them as they go through their fittings, tour Callaway HQ and meet everybody behind the brand.


Then it is off to the exclusive Hideaway in Palm Desert for 2 days of golf competition between the THP Forum members and the marketing team of Callaway Golf. Just because you are not there, does not mean you cannot be part of the action. Follow along to every single part of the 2019 Grandaddy of Em All, right here.

The first day of the golf is complete and the  leaderboard so far is:

ZooCrew 8

Team THP 4

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