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At THP we are always excited to review unique accessories available to golfers.  We get sent different things that come from the minds of very creative people and just love to spread the word to our readers.  Sometimes these unique devices leave us sitting there thinking “why didn’t I think of that?”  The latest product that has me thinking that very thing is called the H-Mount from a company called Handheld Innovations based out of Austin, TX. 

When the product first arrived I was a bit surprised at the simplicity of the design.  It almost seemed too simple to deliver on the promises it made.  The concept is similar to the vehicle mounts you see for peoples’ cell phone or GPS device, and without actually talking to the brains behind the invention, I can only guess that is where the idea came from.  Instead of having a disk to adhere to the vehicle’s dashboard for the connection, the H-Mount has a ball shaped end that allows you to use the golf ball holder found on all golf carts to secure the device. This enables you to use anything with a button fastener attached in conjunction with the H-Mount for easy access during your round of golf.

From the company: 

Stick it….Clip it…and Golf!

  • Simple to use
  • Simple to store
  • Secure
  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Innovative

When it came time to put the H-Mount to the test I decided that I was going to attache the included button to the back of my Samsung SIII phone.  I figured that having my screen easily available one Sunday afternoon while I played would enable me to easily keep track of the PGA Tour leaderboard and some football scores.  Normally I’m not one to sit on my phone during a round of golf – far from it in fact.  During the testing of the H-Mount I liked the fact that I could keep my phone easily accessible and also free from bouncing around the storage compartment in the golf cart. 

The H-Mount is definitely simple to use – very simple.  Depending on the type of golf ball holder the cart has, it’s just a matter of spinning the device holder (H plate) to your desired position and tightening the ball joint nut.  I was very impressed with the ease of getting the H-Mount installed where I wanted it and any necessary adjustments were quick and easy as well.  This is a big plus in my opinion, because regardless of how innovative a product is, if it’s not easy to use then it will likely not get used much. 

The thing I was most concerned about going into this review was whether or not the H-Mount would be secure.  After all, it’s made of a very light weight plastic and it just feels like it may not be the most secure thing to attach an expensive device like a GPS, Rangefinder or Smartphone from.  Never mind the plastic, if the base doesn’t fit securely into the ball tray that would make the unit just as dangerous.  My concerns were quickly put aside with my first use. 

Not only did the base fit securely into the ball holder, the ball joint nut can be secured very tightly to eliminate moving around as well.  Another thing I didn’t expect at first was the little slot on the H plate that locks the belt clip in place.  That really helps keep things secure, even when the use of a cart path isn’t available and the course gets a little bumpy. 

Closing thoughts

Sometimes ideas like these seem so simple, yet if it was so simple then why didn’t I think of it?  I was admittedly skeptical going in, just because I wasn’t certain if the H-Mount would be durable and secure enough for me to trust it holding something of value, especially when the terrain of the course got a little rough.  I had no issues to report with anything concerning the durability or the security of the device.  Couple that with the ease of use and I think the folks at Handheld Innovations definitely have a great product on their hands.  I really think this product will find its way into a lot of people’s hands when word gets out and people see the quality.

The H-Mount is available directly from the company www.handheldinnovation.com for $25.55 shipped to your door. 

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  • Nice review Jake! Simple “why didn’t I think of that” product that is affordable for the convenience it delivers.

    If I was a cart rider, one of these would be a must I believe. I don’t like spending time on my phone during the round, etc but I definitely find myself texting the wife some and checking fantasy football scores.

    For those that use a smartphone GPS app, it’s a no brainer.

  • Nice job Jake! I’m not one to use my phone while on the course. But I like that it’s a way to keep it from bouncing around. With all the apps and things coming out for different phones it really helps to have a device handy. For those courses that are cart path only, is getting the device on and out of the H Mount?

  • Good review Jake. That is a pretty neat device and for a good price. Going to check out the website now.

  • Great write up on such a simple product! This would be great if I rode more rounds.

  • What a great idea this is. Great job covering all the little questions I had about it too, Jake. I could have used this over the weekend with my phone. It feel out of the little storage well a bunch of times.

  • This could really work well, once I go away from my standalone unit. Although I would guess it would also work with those. Since we have similar phones, I already know this would work just fine with my S4.

  • These kinda things always make me go DOH!

    So simple I don’t know why I didnt think of it.

    Nice job Jake.

  • Something so simple, yet so effective. Great review, Jake! It might be an addition to my golf bag, as I use my phone as a golf GPS.

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