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While the availability of driving ranges will always be present, having the opportunity to swing the golf club in a meaningful way in any location is something that can be a real treat for golfers.  The Rukket Sports Haack Golf Net provides the portability and size that suits many situations, and is a fantastic option for those who cannot leave a net fully put together for more than a single session.

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From Rukket

  • Endorsed by SEC coach Chris Haack, “We bring the range to you. This will be the last net you’ll ever need.”
  • LARGE area to collect even an errant shot. Size: 10ft W x 7ft H x 3ft D.
  • Strong Rukket Tough Netting: 4 ply knotless netting & ball roll back feature bring the ball to your feet!
  • Fast & Easy setup/breakdown. Lightweight and Portable. Comes with a durable cary bag.
  • US Based Customer Service and Rukket Fair Play Guarantee

Product Details – The Haack Golf Net was created with the help of famed college golf coach Chris Haack who has more than a few PGA Professionals on tour currently. We created a great golf net, and for multiple sports, that has a size of 10ft W x 7ft H x 3 ft D. The ball roll back feature brings the golf ball nicely back to your feet, not bouncing it back at you. There is not a better quality net at a better price on the market today. The Haack Net will easily be your last golf net! No side barrier protection wings included, customer feedback showed a lower price was more popular than including the wings at a higher cost to you the customer. Rukket Sports is known for the innovative and durable designs. We cover multiple sports including golf, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse! At Rukket Sports we are constantly thinking of the next great product but always with our customers input in mind. Our customers are very important to us and we truly value your feedback which directly goes to the founder of Rukket, Ryan Dickerson, and is then inputed into our design process. If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to email us at info@rukket.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Out of the Box

The pieces that construct the Haack net by Rukket Sports can be a bit overwhelming as the package is opened, however it becomes clear rather quickly that constructing the unit will be painless.  High quality mesh that is color coded for top and bottom, durable framing bars and two bendable support beams that help to round out the netting area.  Additional touches that impressed included very easy to follow instructions, and a note from Rukket talking about their ambassador program.

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With the inclusion of a carrying bag, it would seem to make sense that the Rukket Sport Haack Golf Net would be easy to build and tear down.  Aside from the initial acclimation to the product design, utilizing the instructions included would allow the construction of the net within ten minutes (and this includes a silly mistake on the net install). 

Each piece of the base includes a letter that correlates to another piece, making it unnecessary to question whether the proper pieces have been pieced together.  Once the base is built, the netting is attached by a loop on each side that can move up and down freely during install and use.  Two tall bendable poles (similar to what one would see in a camping tent yet more durable) extend upwards from the base of the frame, creating the ten foot height that users can enjoy from the Haack net. 

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At this point, it is simply a matter of attaching the four corners of the net frame with the netting utilizing well-constructed loops at each point.  Included in the package were numerous stakes in case users were inclined to drive the net into the ground, however that never seemed necessary during testing. 

Build and Break Down

While the first time constructing took a bit of time to acclimate to the product, secondary and tertiary efforts confirmed the construction of the Haack Golf Net to be around five minutes in total.  As the break down takes zero brain power whatsoever, and all elements of the net being detached with ease, the net was back in the bag within a couple minutes.  This is very impressive, as the net is in perfect form each time it has been put together, unlike some retractable nets that may need time to properly return to form, or struggle to deconstruct in the most suitable and compact way.

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There was a bit of trepidation about the stability of the net overall during testing, as it occurred in a garage where the provided pegs would be deemed useless.  As it turns out, the Haack Golf Net by Rukket Sports is remarkably stable regardless of the location.  Even on a cement slab, there is very little movement away from the original location when the ball strikes the net. 

Because the net is somewhat loose in the contact area, there is an ideal amount of give that produces a very low contact sound, manages the ball well and often times returns the ball to the mat rather than forcing users to shag them in the netting itself.  Depending on the distance the net is from the hitting mat, this can come bouncing back quickly, which gives the golfer an opportunity for some hand-eye coordination drills by knocking the ball down with the club!

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The one major flaw in the Haack net revolves around the visible seam that fused two pieces of net together, starting from the top left portion of the net, driving just under the center portion, and finishing closer to the right side.  While this was not an issue during the first encounter with the Haack net by Rukket Sports (draw swings hitting right of center), introducing a fade biased golfer with a contact location along the seam proved to be too much for the net.  After around 100 balls in the third session with the net, there are now sizeable holes along the seam, with a realistic assumption that continued contact in that area will only increase the flaw.  Unfortunately this renders the net unusable unless a secondary net is guarding anything behind the unit.

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Parting Thoughts

From setup to breakdown, the concept of the Haack Net by Rukket Sports is excellent.  They have produced a quality design that saves golfers time and space in their off-course practice ‘facility’ and not at the cost of wasted time setting up and breaking down the unit.  With the exception of the netting flaw, this could very well be one of the best all-around nets available.  For more information about the Haack Net by Rukket Sports, visit www.rukket.com.


In response to the tearing issue Rukket has the following to say:


The seam issue in this net is something we have taken care of in our quality control and do apologize that the unit received here began to tear. As always we have the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee to ensure our customers always have the best net to use for practice!

Thank you,
Adam and the Rukket Sports Team

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