Hank Haney Coming to a THP Event Soon

Something big is coming in a few months…Rather than spell it all out right now, here is Hank Haney.

Not a lot of details to go with yet, but here is what we can tell you. This THP Event will take place in early October and will feature a number of forum members getting a chance to spend some time with Hank Haney, new Callaway Equipment and a whole lot more.

Do you think you need some help? Are you someone that enjoys the game and plays it with a smile on your face? This could be for you.

Stay tuned for details as they are going to be coming up in a big way over the next few weeks.

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  • A lesson with Hank Haney and of course all new Callaway equipment. Yep I will be entering this one. WOW!!

  • Unbelievable what an awesome opportunity for some lucky THPers going to fun to follow along!!!

  • Wow, what a year, so far!

  • This is pretty much a WOW. I bet he has some great stories. Callaway leads by example/

  • This will be an amazing event for sure.

  • What an awesome idea. JB always pulling rabbits out of hats!

  • This still blows me away. Its amazing how you guys find new ways to bring the THP’ers experience so close to what a tour pro experiences! This event is going to be fantastic!

  • Well, that’s pretty cool – must be the even that JRod and JB have been working on.

    Callaway and THP is a winning combination when it comes to golf events.

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