Happy Birthday THP

14 years ago today The Hackers Paradise was created. I wanted to take a second to thank some people that have made it possible.

First, Morgan without her, the place doesn’t exist. I won’t bore you with all of the details of our day to day, but she works more hours than most and never complains about working alongside me, a member of the lunatic fringe.  

Second, our staff.  Dan, Dean, Jeremy, Michael and James. These guys continue to make this place hum along. They are family and without them very little happens.

Third Ben, without him, we can say for fact, we are not here. Genius by Day, Super Hero by night and continues to keep us alive and well. Ben you are amazing.

Our amazing partners. You have put your trust in us and continue to each and every year and for that we are forever thankful. We will not always be the best or most polished, but we are the hardest working. Thank you for making it all possible.

Finally, the members of our community. This website is a lot more than just a forum. It features news and reviews every day. Video testing in a tech studio that we built. Podcasts that come every single week. Social media on nearly every outlet and honestly a lot more. Yet the forum is a nucleus of that because the people here get to drive the conversation and offer real time feedback to not only equipment, but courses, tour golf, food or anything else they imagine…including our work. Thank you. 

We get asked a lot about did we think it would end up like this or have certain goals. The answer is yes. But with some twists because the world is constantly changing and evolving just like the game of golf. We will be coming up on 8 million posts in the coming months and that is a pretty big nugget of information on any forum, but on one we call home, it means the world to us. Because you guys choose to share your most valuable asset here. Your time. Thank you for that and it is never forgotten.

So today if you get a chance, just take a second and say Happy Anniversary. This place is our lives and we hope it can stay a part of yours for the next 14 years.

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