Happy Holidays From All Of Us At THP

On the day before Christmas, all of us at THP want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.

2014 is the year that THP changes all of the rules. #FranchiseRewritten

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  • Happy Holidays to Josh, Morgan, and all my fellow forum friends!!!

    Franchise rewritten sounds pretty damn special.

  • Happy Holidays to you and Morgan. I like the sound of #franchiseRewritten

  • Happy Holidays everyone, thank you Morgan and JB for a truly exciting year. Here’s to a spectacular 2014!

  • Happy Holidays Josh, Morgan, Ellie, and Duke. You guys have become a part of my family and I hope you get the relaxation and happiness that you deserve. I hate using the word epic but it really is the only way to describe 2014 and it is all because of you guys and your hard work and imagination and willingness to not only dream big but take those dreams and make them reality. 2013 is a year I always will remember for becoming a staff member. 2014 is a year I will remember a a year that changed my life. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Happy Holidays everyone!

    Very much looking forward to 2014!

  • So many Happy Holiday wishes going out to Josh, Morgan and all of my THP family. #franchiserewritten. THP, the gift that gives all year! Looking forward to it!

  • Happy holidays JB and GG and the pups. Here’s to another year of greatness and hopefully a chance to redeem myself from roping the first shot.

  • Happy holidays THP. Love the thought of 2014 THP.

  • Thanks Josh & Morgan for being outstanding individuals. You two are amazing and I hope your Christmas/Holidays and 2014 year will be amazing. You certainly deserve good things as you give so much of yourselves during the year. God bless ya!

  • Happy Holidays Josh and Morgan, and to all of my THP family. I’m truly blessed to belong to such a great place and become friends with a great group of people.

  • Merry Christmas and Happy new year to Josh, Morgan, and all the THP family. 2014 looks to be bigger and better and brighter #FranchiseRewritten

  • Happy Holidays to you as well Josh and Morgan! Also a very happy holidays to all my forum friends as well and a very happy new year to all!

    It’s going to be a great year in 2014!

  • Happy Holidays to my family at THP!

  • Happy Holidays, THP family!

  • To any of us who have been here for a while #FranchiseRewritten is somewhat an understatement. I shouldn’t still be but I am amazed at how this site keeps evolving for the better. Thank you Josh and Morgan for being such visionaries and thanks to you and all of your staffers for your hard work to keep making this site better and better. To everyone I wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holiday season.

  • Can’t wait. Hope everyone has a great end of year and a better 2014.

  • Happy Holiday to Josh, Morgan, and my THP Family. I hope each of you and your families have an incredible holiday season. 2014 will be incredible for sure.

  • Merry Christmas and Holidays to everyone this wonderful place has touched! May you all have a very THP New Year as well!

  • Right back at you big guy, and I hope you, Morgan and the puppies have a great Christmas. Thank you for a terrific 2013 on THP; it was awesome, but, 2014 is even going to better. #FranchiseRewritten

  • Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you JB and Morgan for a great 2013. As we turn our eyes towards 2014 to say I’m excited about all that’s happening is an understatement of massive proportions!

  • I hope that all of you, Josh, Morgan, your dogs, and the rest of you THP’er’s have a truly wonderful Holiday season. Christmas is a time of sharing and giving and I hope that all of you both get the opportunity to both give and receive.
    Thank you Josh and Morgan for setting the bar very high for all of us in the way you have really extended and stretched yourselves to make THP be even better than it ever has been before. Merry Christmas!

  • Happy Holidays to you JB, Morgan, and the THP staff!

  • Happy holidays THP. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for us all!

  • Josh, Morgan, THP staff, and fellow THPers,

    I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Josh, Morgan, and all the THP family. Everybody have a safe and festive holiday and prepare for a very special 2014.

  • Happy Holidays!!

  • Happy Holidays to JB, GG and everyone here on THP.
    I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous 2014. It sounds like it’s gonna be a barn burner !

  • Happy holidays to everyone here on THP.

  • Happy Holidays. May all things be just a little brighter through the meaning of Christmas, family and friends.

  • Happy Holidays! Looking forward to what 2014 is going to bring us. It’s gonna rock our world. #franchiserewritten

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