Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Review

A few months back The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity review the Heavy Putter and came away fairly impressed in our testing. So when we heard the news that Boccieri Golf was coming out with a new version we were pretty excited about the opportunity to try it out. You see one of the only issues that we had with the original version that we tried was that while playing a course with fast greens, we struggled quite a bit with controlling the speed.

In fact our only complaint the entire time of testing the Heavy Putter was it was just a tiny bit TOO heavy for fast greens. The original series weighed in at about 900 grams and when using it as a tool to promote proper putting it was hands down the best we had tried to date. Apparently the people at Boccieri Golf were listening to us because the new Heavy Putter Mid-Weight has arrived. Weighing in at 750 grams it has just about a 20% weight reduction from its ancestor. The Mid-Weight putters, like the Heavy Putter before it, include a counterweight in the butt end of the grip. This raises the balance point of the putter while keeping the heavy head in check.

One thing we really liked about the earlier Heavy Putter that we reviewed was the appearance. It was incredibly sharp looking that seemed to give you confidence as you stood over it. The J2 Mid-Weight Heavy Putter is no different, in fact it may even be better looking. Our first impressions were extremely positive and it seemed to have everything going for it. The J2 is finished in what could be called charcoal gray to almost black. The lines are simply gorgeous and with the single white stripe for alignment, this putter sets up like few before it. But the aesthetics of the club will only get you so far on the course.

We took the J2 Mid-Weight out to the course the very first day it came in for some putting green trial and error. It was just me this time and I found myself alternating between my normal putter and this new toy. Three balls with each one and really seeing the difference in weights as I shifted from one to the other. We have always known that a heavier putter was great on the short putts, but where we struggled was with anything outside of 10 feet. Well, Boccieri Golf hit the nail on the head this time. It seemed as though in my practicing that with the Mid-Weight series I was getting the best of both worlds. The extra weight was giving me a great stroke each and every time, but it was not too heavy to which I could not judge speed.

For the next couple of weeks I used the J2 Mid-Weight Heavy Putter as my gaming flat stick and found myself liking it more and more. I played three different courses so that I could try it on all different types of greens and never saw a single issue with speed. You will sacrifice a little feel with any Heavy Putter and the Mid-Weight was no exception, however the ball comes off the face really nice and performance was outstanding.

As with most of our reviews here at The Hackers Paradise, we wanted to get some real world testing with people other than our equipment testers, so we parked ourselves on a driving range putting green for a couple of hours and were able to get 13 more golfers to try out the Heavy Putter Mid-Weight series putter. 9 of the 13 golfers tested made more putts from 5, 10, and 15 feet with this club than their normal putter they were used to playing. One thing that stuck out to us was that almost every golfer that tried it really liked the grip. Something that did not stick out to me in my testing. They use a two-tone mid-size Winn grip for those keeping score at home.

Overall we think that the J2 Mid-Weight Heavy Putter is a real winner for Boccieri Golf. It seems as though the Heavy Putter has really evolved into a club that is geared towards the masses with this series rather than something extremely specialized like its prior offerings. Without changing its core principles, the company has really brought something new and fresh to the table that should get people to jump on board and try these out. We have always been a group that promotes substance over style, but you can have the best of both worlds with this line. We actually found the street price of around $170 to be lower than what we anticipated. At that price range THP feels that anybody looking for a new putter should put this one on their list to try out. You can add stability to your stroke without sacrificing anything and with that drain more putts. You can read more about this putter and all the clubs that Boccieri Golf puts out at www.heavyputter.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great review Josh.

    I fooled around with one of these the other day for a while on the practice green, and found that I liked it pretty well also. I certainly like the feel of it much better than the original offering, and like you, think they’ve really done good with this one.

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  • Very interesting. Seems like a good idea to moderate the weight a bit to try to find that happy medium. Sounds like they succeeded.

  • Excellent job. I’m gaming the original Heavy Putter (Thanks THP) and love it. I can’t wait to try the new one.

  • Really liked the review here. I have messed around with this putter and really like it.

  • I have not heard of these until now. I like the sound of this one because the original was just far too heavy for me. I am just not sure 20% reduction is enough. I guess only time will tell.

  • good review. i have always been interested in these putters and i agree, this looks like a very nice putter. i have always thought that a heavier putter on faster greens means trouble, which i have experienced myself in the past. but from your testing, it seems as if this putter actually helps. very interesting. good job!

  • Random question: I am starting my own blog to share the experiences. Do you believe it is hard or easy to post consistently?

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  • just bought a j2 heavy putter and tried on course, have no problem on long putts getting pace, still getting into it with shorter putts, nice feel from it,

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