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Recently I wrote a review on the Hi-Tec ladies golf shoes. We didn’t want the men to feel left out and here at The Hackers Paradise we like to cater to both genders so we had to make sure and review the men’s as well. When we contacted Hi-Tec they sent over a pair of their newest ladies shoes and three different styles for the men. Each style is unique which should cater to just about everyone’s needs. For this review we will discuss the V-lite Blade, V-lite Custom PTI, and Dri-Tec Spirit.

The first pair, the V-lite Blade, to me were the most sporty looking of the bunch. The shoes we received are all white with great red accents. These still have the feel and shape of a more traditional saddle show but with a sneaker like twist. The white part of the shoe has the classic look while the placement of the red accents, especially on the tongue, give it the sneaker like finish. Our male tester said they are extremely comfortable, and could easily be worn round after round with no food fatigue. He thought the comfort and performance of the shoe was great but he felt they were lacking in the looks department. He would have preferred to see either an all white shoe with no design for a real traditional look, or have the complete opposite with lots of color and more design. Overall, he felt the shoe did what it was supposed to performance wise so he still gave these an 8 out of 10.

The second pair of shoes were the V-lite Custom PTI. At first glance they are the true spirit of a traditional saddle shoe. Brown and white, with slight stitching that grabs your attention. It’s a great shade of brown, and the darker brown shoe laces, and accents really make this a striking part of shoes. When our male tester first looked at the shoes, he was sold, until he looked a little bit closer. There is a stitch pattern at the base of the shoe that has a very close resemblance to hiking boots. Unfortunately, that stitch work was not well received by our male reviewer. Even though these had a small hiccup in the looks test for him, comfort and performance was once again top notch. In fact of all three shoes he said these were by far the most comfortable and offered the most support.

The final pair were the Dri-Tec Spirit. These simple black and white shoes have a sophisticated flare to them. Our male tester had some issues with the looks of the first two pair, but not these. In fact, he thought these were some of the nicest looking shoes, he just loved the clean and simple pattern of the black and white. The way these are built they are supposed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable. When he first tried the shoes on he thought they were very comfortable, but by the end of his first round he felt like his foot was moving around too much. He wasn’t sure the support was there like in the first two pair.

Overall, these three Hi-Tec golf shoes faired pretty well. If there was a way to combine the looks of the last pair with the comfort of the first two it would be the perfect shoe. What we really liked was how there really does seem to be a little something for everyone in each one of these shoes. To learn more about Hi-Tec you can visit their website here.

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