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When it comes to golf style, THP tries to stay at the forefront of new fashions that offer something a little different for the golfers out there. Some brands stick out from a style stand point, and others stick out based on the total package of cut, color, quality, and durability. When we first heard about Second Skin, an apparel company out of Canada, we had heard that their brands were offering the “total package” of style. Any time that we get news such as this, excitement pours over the office and we find a way to get them in and ready for review. One of our favorite online style providers was able to provide us some samples to test out and we were delighted to do so. www.Fairwaystyles.com is a place that offers the latest and the greatest in boutique golf fashions that will take your game to the next level. Last year we wrote a piece on their store and you can check that one out here.

About the Company
Second Skin Garment Co. was founded in Toronto, Ontario in 1988. It evolved into a leading edge outerwear company before entering into the Canadian golf market in the mid-1990s. Since that time, Second Skin has developed into one of the most recognizable brands in the Canadian golf industry. The trend-setting Hollas line was introduced in 2002 and remains focused on highly technical athletic lines for younger male and female golfers. It’s worn by Sabbatini, Dean Wilson, and Jon Mills on the PGA Tour, by David Hearn on the Nationwide Tour and Andrew Parr and Wes Heffernan on the Canadian Tour. In May 2007, Waterford Industries, the licensee for Weir Golf and owner of Grace Lane apparel amalgamated with Second Skin Garment Co. Weir Golf and Grace Lane, worn by Lorie Kane on the LPGA Tour, are oriented along traditional styling for fashion-conscious adults.

Hollas Shirts
Both shirts we received had an incredible texture and material. They are 91% Nylon and 9% Spandex with something called XFC technology, which allows moisture transmission and diffusion. An added bonus of XFC technology is the UV protection that it offers and is exclusive to Hollas apparel. The perforated texture of the fabric reduces skin contact in theory to keep you cool and comfortable. The shirts are incredibly lightweight and have more of a Euro cut (athletic fit) than the Mike Weir line made by the same company, however not as slim fitting as we have seen from some boutique brands. The simple designs were wonderful in that they used a very subtle piping to make the shirt work and work well. New for their spring 2010 line, the Engineered Stripe Polo in red, became an instant THP Classic with its exceptional “total package” offering. It has a wonderful light weight feeling while on, and has a great color contrast despite being so subtle. The fit is athletic, so some might want to size up when ordering. Also new for their spring 2010 line is the Solid Shirt in Azure, and this is very similar to the Stripe Polo in red. The same fabric and cut is used, and from what we can tell the only difference is that the piping on this one, is of the same color as the shirt rather than adding a contrast to it. Another high quality piece offered in great materials with a wonderful fit. Each shirt has the name “Hollas” on one sleeve and has a 4 button opening. Hollas shirts are available in S-XL and are priced at $65 and up.

Hollas Pants
To partner up with the above shirts, www.fairwaystyles.com sent over 2 pairs of pants that we instantly fell in love with for multiple reasons. First, the material is unlike any we have felt or worn before. The 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex is extremely light weight and thin and offers a real nylon type of feel. Similar to the shirts featured above, the pants have XFC technology to allow moisture transmission and diffusion. The perforated, waffle like texture of the fabric interior reduces skin contact so you stay cool and comfortable. THP received the Glen Check Plaid pant in tan and in black and both were immediate hits. The waist fit is definitely true to size and once we put them on, we were eager to wear them everywhere. Light weight and “airy” are the two terms that immediately come to mind when wearing these new offerings from Hollas. If the plaid is too much, they do offer them in standard colors as well with a starting price of $100. Hollas also offers the same patterns available in the pants, in shorts starting at $80. One thing to note in the pants, is it seems that while they are offered in multiple waist sizes, www.fairwaystyles.com only offers them in one length and that is 34″. It was an easy fix being a 32″ in length, all that was needed was taking it to a local tailor and they are now the PERFECT length for me.

When it comes to golf apparel, stores such as www.fairwaystyles.com can be a great barometer into what is set to break out for the coming years. The store is always stocked with the latest and the greatest styles around and our introduction to Hollas was no different. For more information on this brand, or any of the hottest golf clothes on the market today, check out their website at www.fairwaystyles.com.

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