Honma T//World TW757 Collection

We got our first look at the Honma Beres Aizu and Beres Black lineup in January. While Beres represents a high-end boutique product here in the states, the meat and potatoes clubs have come from the Tour World segment. Today, we get our first look at the newest Tour World offering from Honma with the T//World TW757 collection. 

“We are extremely excited to get the long-awaited T//World 757 line in the hands of golfers across North America,” says COO of Honma North America, Janeann Lanning. “It’s a handsome product line loaded with performance-improving characteristics. The use of carbon in these two new driver models helps produce exceptional speed that’s going to catch a lot of people’s attention. And the three new iron models – built for mid to low handicappers – perform brilliantly in their respective categories.” 


Honma is releasing two different driver heads as part of the TW 757 family. These drivers differ in size, shape, and location of the moveable weight ports. Golfers looking for a more forgiving driver will likely look first at the 460cc D driver. Now, please don’t get confused thinking that this is a heavily draw-biased golf club because it’s labeled as D. After all, that is not what it stands for. D stands for “Directional Control.” Golfers will be able to position a 9-gram weight in the back heel, creating more of a draw-biased higher ball flight. An alternative option is to move that weight to a more front-toe location which should help flatten the ball flight and present more fade bias.

Honma TW757 driver

The second driver in this lineup is the S, which features a slightly smaller, more pear-shaped 450cc head. Where D stood for “Directional Control,” S means “Spin and Stability.” Two moveable weights are once again present on the sole, only this time they are in more traditional locations, with a front and back. Moving the heavier weight forward will help boost ball speed while lowering spin and trajectory. Swapping that weight to the rear will kick up the MOI properties and launch the ball higher. Both these drivers are available in 9° and 10.5° lofts. The standard-issue weights are 9g and 3g weights. Golfers will have the ability to order 6g, 12g, and 15g weights. 

There has been one common theme throughout the 2022 driver release cycle; companies are using carbon fiber at a pretty alarming rate. Honma is no different. Both drivers in the TW757 line will feature a carbon crown that helps free up discretionary weight allowing for a low-deep center of gravity. The CG placement works in partnership with the Keel Sole design that we first saw in Honma’s GS lineup. Where Honma is marking new territory is their patent-pending Carbon Slot. We’ve seen various companies position slots/channels on the sole behind the clubface before, but we haven’t seen one do it with carbon fiber. According to Honma, this thinner layer of titanium is supported by a more responsive, weight-saving carbon insert that will assist in higher launch and achieve the highest initial ball speeds in the brand’s history. 

TW757 carbon slot

Both drivers will be able to be adjusted using Honma’s P-SAT Sleeve and non-rotational hosel system. Honma’s take on adjustable hosels is different from everyone else’s because the adjustments are made on the bottom of the club while the shaft remains in perfect alignment with the shaft’s spine. Using their own Vizard shafts, Honma can control manufacturing and testing so that shafts are spine aligned in the 6 o’clock position, which can help lead to a more consistent strike pattern. 

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Honma’s TW757 fairway woods and hybrids were designed for players who prefer a smaller footprint. These clubs receive a sole slot that helps promote higher launch, while the 455-carpenter steel face is there to fulfill the need for speed. Partnering with the sole slot is a Vertical Slot Face, which will help boost performance on strikes across the entire face. 

TW757 crown featuring carbon weave

There are some differences throughout the fairways and hybrids, starting with the 3-wood, which features a carbon crown. Like the drivers, this carbon crown helps push that center of gravity lower, making it easier to launch. Also, the 3-wood and 3-hybrid are built with a cup face insert to help give those two clubs some extra firepower. One final difference is that the fairway woods feature an adjustable sole weight, which is not present on any hybrids. 


Within the TW757 collection are three distinct iron releases. Below is a quick breakdown of the three lines. 

Three different sets of Honma TW757 irons.

TW757P – This is Honma’s Player’s Distance iron, which provides consistent distance while still having control over the golf ball. Within the sole are 12 grams of tungsten and an undercut pocket cavity, creating a that low center of gravity. A 6-gram toe weight helps pull the center of gravity closer to the center of the face. Finally, a thin L-cup face insert works to give consistently fast ball speeds across the face. 

TW757Vx – Unlike the T757p, the Vx irons are a one-piece cavity back, forged out of the softest premium S20C carbon steel. Seven grams of tungsten will be found in the toe of the 4-8 irons, ensuring the center of gravity is precisely positioned in the center of the face. Consider these irons more of a player’s cavity back iron that delivers consistency throughout the set.

TW757B – There is no mistaking who the target audient is for these irons. TW757B irons are a blade design for the best ball-strikers looking for that balance of performance and feel. These are forged from 8620 caron steel, offering that legendary Honma feel and instant feedback. Honma’s Takumi has crafted these irons to the tightest tolerances than any other muscle back irons in their company’s history. Like the 757Vx, 7-grams of tungsten is present in the toe, only in this set featured on the 3-7 irons. 

Honma’s T//World TW757 collection has plenty to offer. Whether it’s the new carbon slot tech in the drivers, the classically styled woods/hybrids, or the three different sets of irons, Honma has made sure there is something in this line to attract the masses. What is your favorite part of the TW757 lineup? Let us know by jumping in on the conversation with the rest of the THP community

For more information on any of the equipment in this story, check out their website at us.honmagolf.com.

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