House Of Carrington Fall Fashion Preview

Fall Fashion Preview is closing out its second week this year with a brand that more people need to take notice of. House of Carrington produces some of the finest apparel we have come across in our days of reviewing clothing. Disregarding the trendy, it strives for the timeless. Because this is an introduction of sorts to this amazing brand as a whole, we wanted to let their words speak first.
From the company:
Since no one at the House of Carrington is a philosopher, has a degree in philosophy or can spell philosophy without really thinking about it, the title of this page is a little ironic.

We do, however, want to tell you why we’re here and what we’re doing. Since you’ve made it this far into our house, you know our primary business is clothing. Dressy, sophisticated tailored clothing and sportswear with timeless appeal. Clothes equally at home on the fairway or in the clubhouse. Clothes with the high tradition of Savile Row but the rebelliousness of rock ’n’ roll. And quietly elegant, subtly sexy clothes for her.
We’re not a lifestyle brand. You’ll hear that term thrown around a lot, but not by us. We believe your life should be so interesting, so diverse, and so full of great moments that no one brand will ever cover the needs of your “lifestyle.” Unless, of course, you choose to wear the same thing everywhere you go. This brings me to our secondary business.
Live in the Moment. Dress Accordingly.
Here to provoke you, to encourage you to reflect on the past, to get you to think about your future and legacy, but to always live in the moment… and dress accordingly. You cannot go through life in a pair of jeans or ill-fitting chino pants and some broken-down shirt. Pairing a jacket with your jeans isn’t the answer to everything either.

You see, life is full of great moments. Most of us are moving too fast or have our priorities upside down and miss a lot of them. They’re not always big or flashy. Dinner out with the love of your life is most definitely a moment. A night on the town with friends is another one. Burying your toes in the sand or chasing your children down the beach is a good one. Sunday morning church and brunch is a great one. Sneaking in 9 holes while the family naps that afternoon is a fun one.
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The key is to look for the moments in your life and dress for them. There is a time and place for your jeans, but not every time and every place. There is a time for shorts, a time for a tracksuit (only at the gym!), and a time for wrinkled and distressed chinos. But there are many moments that deserve better. Notice I said deserve, not require. Unfortunately, too many places today don’t require much of anything. But some things in life deserve an immaculately tailored suit or a great jacket and beautifully constructed dress trouser and a finely crafted shirt. That’s where we come in.

No Rules, Just Advice.

For now, we’ll offer three pieces of advice to send you down the road to sartorial freedom and discovery:

1. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.
2. Business casual simply means you don’t have to wear a tie with your suit.
3. Cell phones are not accessories and should not be visibly worn on your person. It doesn’t matter how much you spent on your leather holster. Blackberries do not receive an exemption because they have more buttons.

The first time I read this page, and the info presented by the company, I was dazzled. A brand that truly understands apparel and the people who love it. However they also appear to be what we have looked for forever. Not stuck up or pretentious about. THP looks for many things when checking out apparel brands. Style, Cut, Fit, Customer Service, Selection, Quality, Durability, and so much more. House Of Carrington passes with flying colors!
Some would argue that the price can dictate their market and that many golfers that read our site will shy away based on that alone. We understand their thoughts and concerns and agree with those golfers 100% and think that their price will dictate their market and who will buy their apparel. Those who do are in for an incredible treat. What you are treated with is Style, Sophistication, Elegance, Quality, and Comfort all rolled up into one outfit.

Their apparel are timeless classics that deserve to be worn in many situations. They show off style without being flashy. Living in Florida I have become quite fond of “tech” materials used in shirts. However this brand is made of a cotton that is as comfortable as anything I have put on. Soft, supple, and genuine are the words that come to mind while wearing one of their masterpieces.
You owe it to yourself to check out their line. We hope to have a full review of House of Carrington sometime soon in which we can give you some more history of the brand and talk to the people that bring this amazing line to the world. In the meantime check out their website for tons of information and stories from the past.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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