How Are Drivers Created?

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Have you ever wondered how golf clubs are made? With drivers talking about CG location, weight savings and adjustability, what goes into the creation of the club from a materials side?

THP TV sat down with Mike Yagley from Cobra Golf to discuss this very topic and it is a fascinating technology conversation for anybody that likes golf.

Shot in 4k so THP recommends full screen viewing

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  • Yet another riveting tech video from Yagley. Crazy how small the margin for error is from the final design.

    I know we hear a lot of “technology is maxed” – but think about the computing power that didn’t exist until recently that allows these companies to do optimization/modeling/etc. It’s really incredible.

  • Great video with Yagley. Again, he’s just fantastic at explaining tech and in a short video, the viewer gets a lot of education.

  • Great video, thanks guys! Yagley is a smart dude!! I knew all about the different pieces that make up the driver, but the details like the rib structure and millimeter differences that make up such huge differences is crazy! There is definitely a lot that goes into making a driver, thanks for taking the time to show us!

  • So after watching the video I have a whole new respect for the level of detail that goes into constructing a driver. Had never really given much thought to the construction of a driver and how it performs and sounds. Now though, it’s crazy the amount of time and knowledge these folks have.

  • Great video and very informative!

  • After watching that, it may sound weird, but I feel kind of fortunate that drivers only cost $350-$500 dollars on average. Good grief there’s a ton of science behind them!

    I could also listen to Yagley talk about gear for days, dude is a genius!

  • Science!!!!

    I’ve always known making a driver head wasn’t a simple thing, but seeing exactly what they’re having to do to in that kind of detail really drives home the point.

    Excellent video!

  • Interesting article, I will definitely be checking out my stats more when purchasing a new driver. The level of detail amazes me and has given me a newfound respect for club manufactures. Great post thank you.

  • Very Cool! Would love to see what their manufacturing tolerances on a driver head.

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