How Are Golf Shafts Made?

Episode 1, How are Golf Shafts Made?

Have you ever wondered where golf shafts come from? How they are made? The materials used? How are they painted? What makes one different from another? THP TV is bringing you a new series this year called Lab Rats with Don Brown and it features shaft knowledge, education and a whole lot of fun straight from an expert at Project X Shafts.

Shot in 4K so THP Recommends Full Screen Viewing

Episode 1 is here and you will see everything that goes into the creation of a golf shaft and follow each step of the process towards creation. Don gives you a full tour of the Project X Golf facility in San Diego, CA and explains what each area is responsible for. Once that part is complete, there is a one on one interview with the Dean of THP discussing some of the fascinating technology parts of a shaft and some of the misnomers that exist for golfers

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