How Good Was Rory McIlroy in 2012?

Just a few highlights after he finishes off the the year with another win.

McIlroy had the richest combined earnings in a year with just under 12 million dollars. He earned $11,953,586 eclipsing the 2007 record held by Tiger Woods.

He was the money list leader on both the PGA Tour and the Euro Tour.

His lead in the Official World Golf Rankings is now 4.33. The last time the lead was that large was February of 2010 when Woods was leading over Steve Stricker.

With 2013 right around the corner. What do you think the season holds for the current “most dominant player in the game”?

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  • I don’t know how people can’t say he is the next big thing. He is riding a huge wave of success with a virtually flawless game. This guy is going to shatter some records early.

  • Rory has had a brilliant year.

    He was a bit inconsistent earlier on in the season but bounced back brilliantly to record five victories.

    The scary thing for the other professionals is Rory is only going to get better. Tiger said in a recent interview that Rory has so much upside … so true.

    What impresses me most about this young man is his humble nature off the golf course. He respects the game and its past and present players.

    There doesn’t appear to be much of any ego anywhere in his personality.

    I hope he enjoys a long and successful career and again in 2013.

  • He has a fantastic year but somehow i don’t see next year being as successful for him. I think the equipment change is gonna have move of an affect then people think

  • I do agree somewhat with “dhjkelly”, the equipment change is a massive gamble and could take some time getting used to.

    I hope for Rory’s sake he has tested a lot of it and can easily adapt to the different woods, irons and balls.

  • Sure he had a brilliant year but I also agree with Faldo, dhjkelly & Troy Vayanos (above) about the equipment change being a HUGE gamble. Look at what it did to G-Mac, he had such an awesome 2010. Its been over a year now since he changed to Cleveland clubs and it only seems to be just recently that he is getting his game back. But realistically, would ANYbody say “No” to that kind of money ??

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