How Old Are Your Clubs?

Do you think your equipment is too old? What do you think a golf instructor would say? Check out this video from our partners at GolfTEC.

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  • Wow. Every three years? I’d never have the patience to wait that long! Good points in the video, especially concerning driver shaft technology.

  • Good points in the video but you could also say if it is not broken no need to fix it. I stand by this point with regards to my irons but I would LOVE a new set

  • I agree with Mike on the irons although mine are only a little over a year old, they were fitted to me and I will probably game them for at least 5 years.

  • Wow 3 years. Who knew. I was sure longer than that.

  • My clubs never get too comfortable. By 2 years I have usually swapped all the clubs in my bag piece by piece

  • 3 years sounds reasonable to me. My original set of custom fit irons felt good for 7+ years. At that time I was barely playing once a month though.

  • Sounds like I’m about due for a fitting. I’ll have to work this in between my tire buying years, lol.

  • I try to have my clubs checked every few years. I just had my lofts and lies checked and some clubs bent for equal degrees between clubs. Just slight changes on a couple of clubs. I know that I need to get new clubs, but my wife thinks otherwise!

  • OEM K has nothing to worry about!

    I got my driver, irons and putter a little over a year ago and my wedges a few months before that. My fairway woods are old (over 8 years).

  • 3 years sounds pretty reasonable to me, though I’d never last that long between changes myself

  • Guess my 12 year old X-12 Tours are getting a little long in the hosel.;)

  • I’m more than a little sceptical. They’re always going to be advocating that position to push sales up and meet their sales quotas. Its like the computer technology race, some people always want to have the newest & bestest, but nobody ever wins that race. I just replaced my Ping Karsten IV irons (1976) last year with the G15s because I finally found something that worked and felt right. Plus I bought them at the END of the season at a fire sale price. My Scottish grandmother would be proud.

  • Irons stick with them.
    Drivers every other year check things out.
    Hybrids, don’t ask me, they all seem to work.
    Wedges yearly.
    Putters yearly. Hitting the same putter for a 100 years is overrated.

  • My irons are older than my wife, but they were cutting edge back in 1979! I figure if I can find consistency with these, I’ll be a modern set of irons away from the tour…

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