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Each year The Hackers Paradise holds “Shoot Outs” to determine what really are the best pieces of equipment for consumers out there. Recently we conducted our Putter Shoot Out and Wedge Shoot Out and on the heels of the great success that event brought to our readers, this month we are doing our annual Hybrid Shoot Out. Just about every hybrid manufacturer was invited to participate in this great feature and most have accepted. Each company was asked to submit a 3 & 4 hybrid. A list of the companies that will be participating is a little bit down the page.

The event starts this week and I wanted to start a new thread with the official run down of every club that will be featured in this one. We think we have a loaded field of the best hybrids made on the market and we want to thank each company for sending them in for testing.
We have 18 testers set up starting this week and will have tons of pictures and thoughts as well. We have broken this one down the same way as our other Shoot Outs You can read all about each tester and what they currently play by clicking here.

6 Testers – Low Handicaps – Scratch to 4 Handicap and most are teaching professionals
6 Testers – Mid Handicaps – 8 to 15 handicap and most are weekly players
6 Testers – High Handicaps – Over 20 and are looking for an edge.

Cleveland 09 Launcher
Cleveland Hibore XLS
Adams Idea Pro Gold
Adams Idea A7
Cobra Baffler 09 TWS
Mizuno MX-700
Nickent 3DX RC
Nickent 4DX Ironwood
Nickent 5DX Ironwood
Nike SQ Sumo
Nike SQ Sumo2
Taylormade Rescue TP
Titleist 909H
Wilson Staff Fybrid
Srixon AD Hybrid
Bridgestone J36 Hybrid

You can see all the pictures of the hybrids included in this by clicking here.

Categories for these tests are:
Looks- Personal preference on the appearance
Feel – Personal opinion on how these clubs felt overall
Distance – Measured by Testing crew based on outcome
Accuracy- Based on measurements to fairway center
Overall – The sum of these categories.

The results will be tallied and all the information will be posted here for the readers to check out. None of the testers involved in this event are affiliated with The Hackers Paradise or the equipment companies involved.

The Hackers Paradise is the website for golfers of all types. From the weekend hacker to the teaching professional looking to talk about their passion. We are the website for the consumer, by the consumer. We have zero advertising and offer the readers a chance to rip through all the marketing hype that is out there and get to the core of exactly what is going on in the world of golf.

The sport is a passion for many and we want to share in that passion.

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  1. Osahar says:

    Can’t wait to see the results of this shoot-out!

  2. Smallville says:

    I’ve always enjoued the shootouts. Even though I’m not in the market, I’m interested in how several of these do in this.

  3. texasaggie says:

    Love these shootouts ,just so happens I’m looking to buy one soon

  4. Paul says:

    why no callaway product…such as the diablo

  5. Administrator says:

    You can read their answer in our forums. They have been involved with every shoot out we have done. Drivers, wedges, putters, etc…This one was just about timing and they are working on their new line and did not want to submit the current products.

  6. Fred Walker says:

    There’s a noticeable omission there – the Ping G10.

  7. Admin says:

    Fred if you read the links in the hybrid shoot out article, you will see that Ping was invited and declined the invitation.

  8. Fred Walker says:

    That’s a shame. Admin, what are your thoughts on the G10 hybrid?

  9. Vickie Musgrove says:

    Anxious to try out some of the hybrids. Any suggestions around here in NW Austin Texas?

  10. Vickie Musgrove says:

    Anxious to try out some of the hybrids. Any suggestions around here in NW Austin Texas?

  11. Pedro says:

    Taylormade Raylor?

  12. JohnnyNight says:

    Is a link to the hybrid shootout available


  13. Naggar Rama says:

    Hello blogger, good afternoon. Totally Great blog post. You have gained a completely new reader. Pls continue this great work and I look forward to more of your great posts. Cheers, .

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