Hybrid Shoot Out Results

Each year The Hackers Paradise holds “Shoot Outs” with most categories of golf equipment. We put together a panel of testers that are not affiliated with our site or any company and ask them to test equipment and based on their tests we determine rankings for each club. These are the results of those tests and are not the views or opinions of the staff here at THP. We offer spots in these “Competitions” to almost all of the major equipment companies and most are kind enough to be a part of it. Last month we concluded our Putter Shoot Out and after that, and it was time to move on to the Wedge Shoot Out, now the Hybrid Shoot Out is upon us, and we were really excited by the turn out of companies eager to see how they fared in the hands of consumers.
None of this is scientific and we hope every person reading this tries as many hybrids out as they can when making their decisions on what will work best for them. However as THP is the site For consumers, By consumers, we think it is a great way to get through all of the marketing out there and find out once and for all which clubs worked best for our “Panel of Judges”. We assembled 18 golfers set up in 3 categories to test each club in this “competition”. Six Low Handicap players, Six Mid Handicap players, and Six High Handicap players. Click here to read a short biography for each person included in the testing.

We want to quickly touch on a couple of things before we get to the results.
1. Not one of these hybrids performed poorly. In fact most did extremely well, but in the end, some just fit players a little better than others did.
2. Players were given a series of shots both on a driving range and on a course.
3. Trending in certain clubs with each handicap group was definitely here. Each group was having the same 2-3 clubs do better than everything else.

Here are the participants in this shoot out.

Cleveland 09 Launcher
Cleveland Hibore XLS
Adams Idea Pro Gold
Adams Idea A7
Cobra Baffler 09 TWS
Mizuno MX-700
Nickent 3DX RC
Nickent 4DX Ironwood
Nickent 5DX Ironwood
Nike SQ Sumo
Nike SQ Sumo2
Taylormade Rescue TP
Titleist 909H
Wilson Staff Fybrid
Srixon AD Hybrid
Bridgestone J36 Hybrid

Categories for these tests are:
Looks – Personal preference on the appearance
Feel – Personal opinion on how these clubs felt overall
Distance – Measured by Testing crew based on outcome
Accuracy – Based on measurements to fairway center
Overall – The sum of these categories.

Each tester was asked to rank each hybrid based on aesthetics only, and rank them 1 through 16. Here is the top 5 in the looks category. They based looks on the 3 things. The look at setup and the look of the bottom of the club. Here is the top 5 in the aesthetics:
1. Wilson Staff Fybrid
2. Nickent 4DX
3. Titleist 909H
4. Srixon AD
5. Bridgestone J36

Nothing more subjective than this. We asked each tester to rank the clubs 1 through 16 based on feel and their own personal interpretation of how the clubs felt during play. This is the one that the testers seemed to have the most fun with because each golfer is different in how they compare feel. Things such as texture and feedback, were commonly used when the golfers were determining the feel. Each player noted more and more how different every hybrid felt that they got to try and as they changed clubs they did not know what to expect.
1. Adams Idea A7
2. Nickent 4DX
3. Mizuno MX-700
4. Nickent 5DX
5. Wilson Staff Fybrid

This was a measurement after each shot on both the driving range and the range. Each tester hit 6 balls with each with the high and low being kicked out and the average of the rest. Keep in mind that distance cannot be totally reliable based on the fact that not all the hybrids were of the same loft for the same club.
1. Nickent 5DX
2. Adams Idea A7
3. Nickent 4DX
4. Cobra Baffler TWS
5. Cleveland Launcher

This was done on the course with a line in the center of the fairway as a target. Measurements were taken after each shot by THP contributors and recorded. Each club got 4 balls hit by each tester at the target and the 4 hybrid was used by each company for this shot. The average was taken of the four shots with each hybrid.
1. Adams Idea A7
2. Nickent 5DX
3. Mizuno MX-700
4. Wilson Staff Fybrid
5. Nickent 4DX

After we totaled each category from all 18 people that are involved with this project we came up with overall rankings. Here is the top 5 for the overall rankings in our Hybrid Shoot Out.
1. Adams Idea A7
2. Wilson Staff Fybrid
3. Nickent 5DX
4. Mizuno MX-700
5. Nickent 4DX

Not one hybrid in this entire “contest” was a bad club or a poorly made club. In fact what we noticed is that so many of the clubs are excellent and the results backed that up. It in some cases came down to a couple of yards right or left in determining the overall winner. It goes to show that every club will feel and perform differently in each player’s hand and to test out as much equipment as you can to determine which is a perfect fit. If you would like to read how each handicap group fared and what the top choices were in each category by handicap group, click here.

If you would like to see all of the pictures taken of the gear used in this shoot out, click here for tons of photos.

You can read all about what each tester picked as his favorite and least favorite as well as quotes from the shoot out, by checking out this thread on it.

Another Shoot Out has come to an end and we had a blast doing it. We hope everybody enjoys reading how other players “just like you” perform with the different clubs and will continue to do them as long as our readers enjoy reading them. The equipment companies have been gracious enough to supply their equipment for these tests and we want to thank them for the chance to put these great clubs in the hands of the players for this event.

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  • Great shootout, great report. I waited as long as possible for this, but broke down and bought several TM Rescuse clubs last week thinking they would run away or at least be in the running. Oh well, I still love mine.

    /reat Job to the Adams line and thanks THP for the wonderful information


  • Great review. I expected the Nickent and Adams lines to do well, and they both did. The Wilson Staff was a surprise since you don’t hear much about them.

    Will there be a full listing of the results posted somewhere, so you can see the full 1-18 ranking for each category – or maybe a breakdown by handicap grouping of the full 1-18 per category?

  • I love these shoot outs. Great write up and congrats to all the winners!!

  • DOH! No edit – meant 1-16…

  • Osahar,
    We will not be publishing 1-16 on each category here, but we will be discussing it in detail in the forums. We already listed the top 2 in each category for each handicap group in the forums.

  • Thanks for another fine review.Some surprises I’m gonna look into.

  • Great review! Surprising to see both Nickent’s in the top 5. I expected one of them but not both!

  • This is a whole lot of information to take in at once. Very interesting and I think that I may have to try out some new hybrids now.

  • My hybrids finished in the top 5. Yay me!

  • I would have loved to see how my callaway FT hybrids did in this. I love them, but at the same time, I really want to check out the Adams line.

  • I found this site because of the wedge contest you guys did and loved reading it. This one might have been even better. Loved hearing that some of the smaller brands were more liked than the larger ones. Marketing is not always the key.

  • i am very curious as to how the nickent 5dx did not win this thing out right. must be the looks. they seemed to have a strong showing in a lot of the groups. good read and great pictures.

  • I have been staring at the Wilson Fybrids for about a week now and this is my excuse to pick them up and swing them a few times. Good info and loved the link to what each player liked and did not like.

  • Was not real surprised with the overall results, and I’m glad I’m already set with the 4DX’s. I think it was cool that the Adams won overall, as I am just starting to get into their line.

  • Great read. Killed about 2 hours of work for me reading all of this…thanks. I love the shoot outs. Cannot wait to read the next one.

  • Great write up. I have been dying to try out the Adams A7 hybrids for a couple of weeks now. This confirms the fact.

  • Excellent review. As an Adams fan I will be giving the A7 a try. The Wilson suprised me a bit, but I have been hearing really good things about the. Thanks for all the work on this one.

  • Great write up, I’ve never been a fan of Adams clubs but after reading this I will have to give them a shot. Thanks

  • Wow, I was not expecting the Adams to come out on top. Great article, I love the shoot outs.

  • Great job,I have the Wilson love it ,was surprised by the Adams. I was planing on getting a Nickent 5DX,may have to give the Adams a closer look.

  • Just stumbled across this site and wow, I am impressed. This article is awesome. I cannot wait to try the Adams A7 hybrids.

  • As expected, a fantastic review (especially with the other stuff posted on the forum).

    Not suprised to see nickent up there with 2 different models. Just as an illustration of the “try em out to get YOUR best”….the 5DX just hant worked for me…the 4DX….awesome.

    Good read, Thanks

  • Just read the review, and as a new owner of an a7 #3 for about a week now, I’m pleased but not surprised by the results. I needed a replacement for my old trusty 3dx as I’d worn it out after 4+ years of use. I went in looking at the 4dx or the new rescue tp, but the shop clerk also pointed out the a7 and said they had just gotten them in the day before and said it was worth hitting. Hit all 3 over and over and the Adams consistently gave me the best numbers on the launch monitor. Sold.
    Have played twice and it’s money. As much as I LOVED my 3dx, this is light years ahead in terms of consistency and feel. Distance is also a little better. I’m already strongly considering dumping my 5 wood and getting the #2.

    (I didn’t know how dominant Adams has been on the men’s tours in hybrid usage. I knew Adams got a lot of use on the senior tour, but the guy mentioned that they’ve been the most played hybrids on the nationwide tour for like 3+ years, and have been #1 almost every week on the PGA TOUR going back to ’08. I was shocked.)

    I can now see why. If you need a hybrid, put this on your list.

  • Skip,
    Adams has been very big in the hybrid world. Between Adams and Nickent, the Nationwide Tour is completely filled.

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  • This isa great test as always but I assume that you only test what is sent to you.

    It is possible to borrow other clubs like Ping so that we could see all the competition.

    Something to think about

  • It would alos be nice to have some disclaimer as to why certain competitive clubs were not included in the test

  • Lee,
    Thank you for your comments. If you read all the links that are attached to this article, you will see that Ping was offered the opportunity to join this as were a few others that declined. However we feel as though the best hybrids in the world were represented.

  • I bought the A7’s in July….
    All I can say is that these are the best hybrids I’ve ever used. Have the 2,3,and 4 in the bag. trajectory is ideal…workability is far better than what I’ve used in the past…playability from different types of lies is a huge plus. I was VERY happy to find out that Adams can adjust the lie angle of their hybrids..flattened 2 degrees…took the left side of the course out of play.

    I would recommend these to anyone.

    Happy holidays everyone! 🙂

  • Brilliant review – well done for hard work so that we have such a fair and detailed piece of research.

    I have had 2 Wilson Staff Fybrids for almost a year now (bought on recommendation and after trying out). Not surprised at all that they finished in 2nd place. They are great clubs and give mid-high handicappers loads of help hitting it high and long. If anyone’s in the market, you should consider.

    Have also tried Adams – they too are top kit.

    Merry Christmas!

  • I play irons that are 1″ long and 4 degrees upright. ANybody know which of these hybrids I can buy stock from a local retailer that I can then get bent upright to fit my specs? Can some of these be bent, but not others (specifically, anybody know if the 5dx can be bent)? I’m assuming that, since I’m not close to being a proper fit for a standard 3 iron, I’m not very likely to be a proper fit for a standard hybrid, either.

  • You can get some hybrids fit to your specs when purchasing but you cannot get just about any of them bent.

  • 😀 my hybrids had a good run in there
    GO THE 4DX

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  • […] Super Hybrid, and we were eager to get our hands on one ever since the a7 from last year won our 2009 Hybrid Shoot Out. Click On Each Image For Larger Hi-Res […]

  • I’ve been looking for a hybrid club test that isn’t just a repackaging of the manufacturer’s sales material. Your 2009 test is great, when is there going to be a 2010 or 2011?

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