Ian Poulter Design Fall Fashion Preview

When The Hackers Paradise covers fashion, it MUST include the latest from Ian Poulter Design. THP had the opportunity to review the Spring line from the company a few months back and were completely blown away by the apparel line. Is it out there? Sometimes. Is it bold? Absolutely! Is it fashionable? No question about it! When THP launched Fall Fashion Preview we were thrilled when we learned that the brand “behind the man” would be participating again.

Right before our review of the spring line earlier this year, THP got a private showing of what the world was going to see “through the eyes of Ian Poulter”. The brand showcased a few of the items that would be featured in their fall line, and many of our readers came away impressed. Hopefully this preview will let our readers see a few other outfits and items that will be available very soon from this great brand.

The Signature Tartan from Ian Poulter is some of our favorite apparel out there. This line is no exception! They sent over a pair of shorts and a pair of trousers and both immediately catch the eye.

1. The Tartan shorts in Indigo – As with all Tartans from this company, they have been approved by the Scottish Tartan Authority, an honor that runs deep within this company. Similar to the shorts THP reviewed earlier in the year, these are perfect in every way. The blue, white, and green colors chosen for this pair really bring out details in tops that you would not normally see. But the little things are what count and the attention to detail in this brand of clothing is nothing short of spectacular.
2. The Tartan Bootleg Trousers in Mocha – I must confess that the first time I laid our eyes on them, it was a match made in heaven. The color palette is perfect with soft hints of brown and pink that really are perfect for every season. But as the weather cools down these soft tones really shine. While Tartan bottoms are not perfect for everybody, we believe that if you try them, it is hard to go back to anything else. From extreme comfort, attention to detail, style, and quality, everything is in place to make a perfect half of an outfit.
666019609_dsc_3941666159789_inside pant
1. Button Through Shirt in Marshmallow – This button down shirt is 100% cotton and 100% ridiculously soft. While it may look plain at first sight, it has some hidden gems so to speak.

The collar is held in place by buttons and the back of the collar features the Ian Poulter Design Signature and a small “British Flag” button holding the back in place as well. One of the sleeves is also logo’d with the classic logo in matching color of the shirt.
2. Polka Dot Jacquard Raglan Sleeve Shirt in Royal Purple – While the name may wear you out, the top itself is almost perfect. It is a blend of 75% Coolmax and 25% Polyester to give you the moisture wicking comfort you need before the weather starts to cool down completely.
666021026_dsc_4021 DSC_6468

The sleeves are both cuffed with a simple yet elegant design and the back of the shirt features the classic logo directly under the collar in the same purple. What separates this top from being just another purple top is the Jacquard. Its pattern is light and almost “airy” but still shows enough to be slightly different.
3. Classic Long Sleeved Shirt in Indigo – In our first review we spoke about a light blue polo that we just fell in love with and said “it was like playing golf in pajamas”. Well, meet that previous shirt’s older brother. This is a blend of 70% Viscose and 30% polyester and once again 100% comfy.
It is a non-flashy royal blue and features the same button down collar to hold it in place. The back of the shirt under the collar has the classic logo in a lighter shade of blue. If extreme comfort is what you are looking for in your fall gear, THIS IS THE SHIRT FOR YOU!
1. Diamond Slipover – This V-Neck sweater vest is 100% Merino Wool and extremely light weight. The attention to detail shines through on this piece with the complete diamond stitching patterns throughout the entire garment as well as the color palette chosen. It is done in light gray with pink, brown, and darker gray highlighted throughout. it also shows off the classic logo on the back near the collar done in pink. As a person that does not normally wear sweater vests, I have to say that this one is different, and I wanted it immediately.

2. 1/4 Zip Funnel Neck Jumper in Mocha – This piece is also 10)% Merino Wool and is just another example how the little things that this brand does shine more than any other. The front of the sweater for the most part is a brown pull over with a light pink signature down the right side (small) and the zipper is done in the same color. Flip this garment over and you are delighted with braided texture in brown and stripes done in white, pink, and gray in an almost plaid like pattern. The entire piece is PERFECT and is absolutely the one of the best outerwear pieces we have seen during this entire fall preview.
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1. Poulter Tartan Cap in Indigo – The hat is meant to pair perfectly with the shorts featured above, but it is capable of doing so much more. It features the classic logo on the front as well as on the clasp on the back.
2. Corduroy Trilby Hat – The hat is shown in Mocha and is different than most of what is out there on the market today. The attention to detail again shines through and the quality is simply outstanding. The lining showcases the logo and is certainly an attention getter.
3. Embossed Classic Leather Belt in Indigo – This belt is extremely unique. Simple buckle pattern really makes the belt and the color stand on its own and the pattern/texture of the strap is perfect for that classic, elegant look.
4. Golf Club Buckle – One of the most unique and gorgeous pieces we have covered in our time here at THP. The buckle features two “golf clubs” wrapped around to form a buckle. The cavity of the club shows a small Ian Poulter classic logo and the finish is almost pewter like. It is truly a unique piece that anybody that is a fan of buckles needs to get in line for.
Wrap Up
The company that dazzled us during our Spring Preview continues to raise the bar in excellence for our Fall Preview. The small, subtle marks and textures used in this apparel line are second to none and the color palette chosen is absolutely perfectly for the Fall world of golf. While the Ian Poulter Design apparel line may not be perfect for everybody, do not discount it by what you perceive it to be. There are few brands out there that “wreak of excellence” as much as this one does and they have added pieces to fit just about any golfer out there.

For more information on the Ian Poulter Design Apparel Line check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

– Since the writing of this preview the company has changed the name of the apparel line to IJP Design and has a new website.

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